Jun. 4th, 2017

lilfluff: A fennec fox boy pencil and paper in hand, showing off what he has written. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Writing)
Title: Consequences (followup to Just Perrfect)
Fandom/'verse: Magic School Doofuses, my current title for the stories of Jamsa and Nicolai at a school of magic.
Summary: Jamsa and Mandry head out to the Halloween Ball
Note: Follows after Quick and Dirty, Piece of Cake, and Just Purrfect.
Warnings: Use of a leash and shackles and a decided lack of mercy or sympathy from Jamsa's fellow classmates or the faculty for his being transformed into a catgirl.
Words: 2603

Mandry knew her cosplay was not perfect. The costume was simple enough. A black dress, a red ribbon tied into a large bow atop her head, and a simple straw broom. That with a little work and she was Kiki the witch from Kiki's Delivery Service.

"Haha, good joke, now let me go."

If only she had a proper Jiji to be her familiar. Click here to continue... )


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