Oct. 10th, 2017

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Title: Cody's Dream
Fandom/'verse: Addergoole
Notes: Starts early in Year 9 of the Addergoole School, some bits may be confusing if you haven't read anything else in the setting. (In addition to Addergoole/Fae Apocalypse being [personal profile] aldersprig's creation, so too is Yolanda. Lemon and Hylakaros come by way of [personal profile] rix_scaedu.
Summary: The event that sets about changing Cody from passive geek girl (as seen in How to Trap A Cody, set despite the title after Cody's being magically bound as an older student's servant for the year) to the girl in the maybe-canon Family Ties who was described as 'scary girl' by an Agency trained cat person, "She was all covered in blood you know. Most of it probably wasn't even hers." Cody shows up at a few points in [personal profile] aldersprig's Addergoole: Year 9
Warnings: Set in Addergoole, a high school for unusual students with practices much of the pre-and-post apocalypse world would object to (about the only way to be expelled is to kill another student). In particular in this story: two fights and a teenage pregnancy.
Words: roughly 3500

So this is what a lucid dream is like. Cody was surprised that she didn't wake from that thought or the surprise that came along with it. Everything felt real. Full of the little details that separated dreams from reality. The peeling anti-corrosion paint on the metal struts of the bridge she stood upon. The stray dogs in the vacant lot in the distance on the other side of the river. The faint smell of smoke from the fires started by the battle in the distance.

Fire? Fighting? How am I so calm? As if that thought threw a switch she could hear a soft whispering in her own voice even if her dream self's lips didn't seem to be moving.Click here to continue )


lilfluff: On of my RP characters, a mouse who happens to be a student librarian. (Default)

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