Dec. 10th, 2017

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Title: Leslie McCormack And The Story Without A Title: Part 1C: Leslie McCormack Would Like To Wake Up Now. Please?
Fandom/'verse: Original - For lack of a better name the Leslieverse
Notes: A revised version of my April 2017 Camp NaNoWriMo project
Summary: Tossed into another life by an annoyed a R.O.B. (Random Omnipotent Being) Leslie McCormack is certain anything this impossible must be a dream, right?
Warnings: Involuntary bodily changes and transportation by said R.O.B. An unsympathetic teacher, occasional expletives, sibling strife. Other sections may involve bullying, sibling strife, threats of or actual corporal punishment, at least one case of bigotry, and embarrassment for the main character.
Words: ~5100 words

Continuing from: Part 1B: Leslie McCormack Thinks It's All A Dream

Part 1C: Leslie McCormack Would Like To Wake Up Now. Please?

I knew I hadn't stopped to put anything in my locker. I wasn't even sure where it was. I hadn't seen anything to eat when I was looking in my backpack for other stuff. Which since I didn't remember making a lunch at home or grabbing anything to bring. But I didn't remember seeing anything to buy lunch with either. Digging through my backpack didn't find any food and I didn't find so much as an old penny.

With a sigh that rapidly turned into a groan I turned away from the line I'd been approaching and just wandered while trying to ignore the complaints coming from my belly. Finding a quiet spot I sat on a bench and watched a line of ants carrying tiny crumbs off to their nest. I don't know just when I started crying but once it started I couldn't stop. I sat hugging my backpack in my lap and settled for trying to keep it as quiet as I could. Which I thought I was doing a good job with until I rubbed some tears away with the back of my arm and found myself looking up at an older lady in a plain gray suit.
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