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So my muse came and told me it had another great idea...

Muse: Heyeeee! I just had another great idea!
Me: Is it going to lunch?
Muse: Who cares about lunch. You should do a Tarot serial!
Me: ?
Muse: Create a cast with some spreads, then use a single card or maybe three to influence scenes.
Me: I see.
Muse: That's all you have to say? This is an awesome idea!
Me: it would keep wordcount going.
Muse: I'm still going to bug you about the other idea too.
Me: of course you are...

Now partly I'm a little worried that my muse decided to enter sounding like a Ree from the Eva Fic, Nobody Dies. I'm not sure if I'm up to having a Ree in my life. But this does seem like it could be fun. Now the current serials I'm reading are fantasy or urban fantasy so I'm thinking something science fiction-y.

I don't have a paid account, so no fancy clickable polls for me, answer in comments instead. Strictly a reader advisory poll, reserve the right to go off in any direction, (blah, blah, boilerplate here) but which possibilities sound good to you? Multiple answers allowed. Further comments welcome.

  • A) Adventures of a Tramp Freighter

  • B) Official exploration ship

  • C) Independent exploration ship

  • D) How'd we get on this spaceship?

  • E) One of the above, but fantasy adventures in space

  • F) ________________ (fill in your own idea)
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