Fic: Awake

May. 11th, 2016 12:58 am
lilfluff: Pithani the student-librarian mouse from Mars Academy as a mad scientist. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Mad Science Pithani)
[personal profile] lilfluff
Fandom/'verse: Original
Prompter: [ profile] kunama_wolf
Triggers/Warnings: MC stuck in isolated space
Note: Response to [ profile] kunama_wolf's prompt and not where I originally thought I'd be going with this prompt. I think I'll want to return to this one later...
Words: 554

Turning over in bed I reached out for my blanket sacking something hard and cold instead. That got me to open my eyes which revealed I was resting on a gel mattress and stuck inside a tube. Something noticed I had awakened because lights started to come on revealing a workroom and words appeared on the surface of the tube.

> Good afternoon, Mister Syme.
> It is 09:47, Wednesday, February 9th, 2213.
> To exit the cryostatis chamber say, "Open," or press the green circle.

Trying to speak only produced a cough. So after only a moment's hesitation I pressed the green circle that had appeared underneath the words. The room didn't feel any warmer than the cryostasis chamber so job one was finding a closet and clothes. Once I found a shirt and jeans I gave the rest of the doors and drawers another look. Tools of every variety and all the supplies I could want to build anything from a table to a generator. A generator? Huh, sure enough the drawers and cabinets had everything I'd need to build a small generator and that with quite a few empty spaces among the supplies.

Rehydrating and heating up something that claimed to be vegetable soup I thought about the one thing I didn't see in the room. Nowhere in any of the drawers, cabinets, or closets did I find any clue as to why I was here. The screen on the cryostasis chamber only offered to reactivate the device or provide diagnostic reports and the other workstation screens had me stuck at password prompts. The username field was defaulting to ctsyme but none of the passwords I tried were accepted. And despite having offered to open the tube to a voice command nothing I said gained any response.

Only one door was left. After finishing off the mush that claimed to be soup I took another look at the heavy looking door. It was like the doors you saw in movies on warships. A solid looking mass of metal with the centrally mounted circular handle. No window, and neither of what I took to be status lights mounted next to the door were lit. The handle didn't want to turn. Not until I worked a length of metal bar stock through it to gain some leverage. As the wheel turned I could hear and feel deadbolts being withdrawn from the door frame. After near three quarters of a full turn there was a solid sounding thump and the handle refused to turn any further. I had to pull three times before the door grudgingly began to creep open. Moving to the side I took hold of the inner edge of the door and pushed it the rest of the way. What I found was something like an airlock. An airlock with a good three or four inches of dried mud at the bottom.


A sudden burst of inspiration had me back at a workstation trying another pass phrase for the sign in, Summer rain showers bring summer mud showers, which worked. It was only when the desktop came up on the screen that I noticed what had been staring me in the face an hour ago.

"It's twenty two thirteen? Twenty two?" I suddenly wished I'd seen anything alcoholic in the food supplies.
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