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2017-12-31 12:00 am

A Writing Index and Landing Page

A Writing Index and Landing Page

Partway through 2011 I started semi-regularly writing short snippets of fiction, over time this has build up to where it can take a while to hunt down something I wrote previously. That calls for... An Index and Landing Page! I am putting this together initially as a single page. The remainder will likely soon go under a cut. Post-Dating to the end of 2013 to keep it at the top of the recent posts page. Indexes first, followed by a setting list.

30-Day Writing Projects:

  • Using Ravenswept's 30 Day list: LJ Link, (No DW copy currently)

  • Using Aldersprig and KC_Obrien's 30 Day list: LJ Link, DW Link

Prompt Calls:

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2017-10-10 11:27 pm

Fic: Cody's Dream

Title: Cody's Dream
Fandom/'verse: Addergoole
Notes: Starts early in Year 9 of the Addergoole School, some bits may be confusing if you haven't read anything else in the setting. (In addition to Addergoole/Fae Apocalypse being [personal profile] aldersprig's creation, so too is Yolanda. Lemon and Hylakaros come by way of [personal profile] rix_scaedu.
Summary: The event that sets about changing Cody from passive geek girl (as seen in How to Trap A Cody, set despite the title after Cody's being magically bound as an older student's servant for the year) to the girl in the maybe-canon Family Ties who was described as 'scary girl' by an Agency trained cat person, "She was all covered in blood you know. Most of it probably wasn't even hers." Cody shows up at a few points in [personal profile] aldersprig's Addergoole: Year 9
Warnings: Set in Addergoole, a high school for unusual students with practices much of the pre-and-post apocalypse world would object to (about the only way to be expelled is to kill another student). In particular in this story: two fights and a teenage pregnancy.
Words: roughly 3500

So this is what a lucid dream is like. Cody was surprised that she didn't wake from that thought or the surprise that came along with it. Everything felt real. Full of the little details that separated dreams from reality. The peeling anti-corrosion paint on the metal struts of the bridge she stood upon. The stray dogs in the vacant lot in the distance on the other side of the river. The faint smell of smoke from the fires started by the battle in the distance.

Fire? Fighting? How am I so calm? As if that thought threw a switch she could hear a soft whispering in her own voice even if her dream self's lips didn't seem to be moving.Click here to continue )
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2017-09-07 01:13 pm
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Aldersprig has a Giraffe (Zebra) Call going!

Hey, did you know [personal profile] aldersprig has a Giraffe (Zebra) call going? Don't know what that is? It's a call for story prompts. Leave a prompt, get some fic. If tips are left or her Patreon joined (helping to pay for home renovations) then more is written.

Autumn 2017 Giraffe (Zebra) Call: Autumn, Autumn (Roundtree)*, Fall, and Falling

now posted with fewer spelling errors in the subject line :)
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2017-08-07 12:33 am
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An untitled snippet of fiction

Title: Untitled
Fandom/'verse: Urban fantasy? Werewolves anyway.
Notes: There was discussion several months back about how much of werewolf fiction plays off bad knowledge of wolf pack behavior (much stemming from an article on wolf behavior that was not merely contradicted by others but pretty much disowned by its own author). This started things percolating in my head and here's the opening with about half of what I've written.
Summary: Jacob's off balance when his secret is out and he's being called a hero
Warnings: Non-graphically described injuries and a few expletives
Words: 1400-ish

The first thing Jacob noticed was the sound of the car engine. Then the blanket that was wrapped around him making him feel like a mummy. Then Travis excitedly calling out, "I think he's waking up!"

"Easy son, you're in rough shape but we'll be at the doctor's soon."Click to continue... )
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2017-06-04 10:45 pm
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Fic: Consequences (Followup to Just Purrfect)

Title: Consequences (followup to Just Perrfect)
Fandom/'verse: Magic School Doofuses, my current title for the stories of Jamsa and Nicolai at a school of magic.
Summary: Jamsa and Mandry head out to the Halloween Ball
Note: Follows after Quick and Dirty, Piece of Cake, and Just Purrfect.
Warnings: Use of a leash and shackles and a decided lack of mercy or sympathy from Jamsa's fellow classmates or the faculty for his being transformed into a catgirl.
Words: 2603

Mandry knew her cosplay was not perfect. The costume was simple enough. A black dress, a red ribbon tied into a large bow atop her head, and a simple straw broom. That with a little work and she was Kiki the witch from Kiki's Delivery Service.

"Haha, good joke, now let me go."

If only she had a proper Jiji to be her familiar. Click here to continue... )
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2017-05-29 05:39 pm
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Ask My Characters Anything*

I have a few new things percolating their way towards being posted but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with stories that have already been posted. So go ahead and ask my characters anything*.

My fiction landing page is substantially out of date, so here are some helpful tags:

Preference is for responses on Dreamwidth. LiveJournal seems to keep losing my sign-in.

* - Ask anything, but the character might not know the answer, might have reason to prevaricate/lie, or might get censored to avoid spoilering. **
** - No guarantee asking characters questions will result in new fiction, but it will bring them back to mind and who knows were that will lead.
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2017-05-10 12:13 pm

Fic: If You Have Me, Why Do You Need Them?

Title: If You Have Me, Why Do You Need Them?
Fandom/'verse: Modernish sci-fi, non-fanfic
Summary: A young slave worries for his own status after helping his replacements settle in.
Note: Response to [personal profile] aldersprig's prompt for the Trope Bingo's slavery square: if you have me, why do you need them?
Warnings: Slavery, unconscious objectification, (no sex, Lee's owner would be squicked at the thought due to his age, species, and not seeing him as a person)
Words: 1200+

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2017-05-02 01:02 pm
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Poll: Pondering starting a serial

So my muse came and told me it had another great idea...

Muse: Heyeeee! I just had another great idea!
Me: Is it going to lunch?
Muse: Who cares about lunch. You should do a Tarot serial!
Me: ?
Muse: Create a cast with some spreads, then use a single card or maybe three to influence scenes.
Me: I see.
Muse: That's all you have to say? This is an awesome idea!
Me: it would keep wordcount going.
Muse: I'm still going to bug you about the other idea too.
Me: of course you are...

Now partly I'm a little worried that my muse decided to enter sounding like a Ree from the Eva Fic, Nobody Dies. I'm not sure if I'm up to having a Ree in my life. But this does seem like it could be fun. Now the current serials I'm reading are fantasy or urban fantasy so I'm thinking something science fiction-y.

I don't have a paid account, so no fancy clickable polls for me, answer in comments instead. Strictly a reader advisory poll, reserve the right to go off in any direction, (blah, blah, boilerplate here) but which possibilities sound good to you? Multiple answers allowed. Further comments welcome.

  • A) Adventures of a Tramp Freighter

  • B) Official exploration ship

  • C) Independent exploration ship

  • D) How'd we get on this spaceship?

  • E) One of the above, but fantasy adventures in space

  • F) ________________ (fill in your own idea)
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2017-04-24 02:55 pm
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Potential plotline prompts legal question

Today in worldbuilding Fluff gets to ponder immigration law. Given this takes place in a country on a portal reached techofantasy world I could make up just about any answer. But, given:
*character arrived in country while high school aged because father's employer asked them to transfer there
*neither parent nor child became citizens of the other country
*its been a few years since the move and the son just started attending a local college

What happens if the father gets upset enough to disown the son and kicks him out of the house?

So I get to figure out whether the son was on the father's visa (some Googling suggests that's how it would work for people heading to the US) or required to have a separate one, what the country's view is on the disowning&kicking out, and what the implications of that are.

Whee. Worldbuilding is fun. Especially when you don't have to worry about someone pointing to a source you never saw that shows you got something wrong.
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2017-03-28 06:10 pm
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Fic: Just Perrfect

Title: Just Perrfect
Fandom/'verse: Magic School Doofuses, my current title for the stories of Jamsa and Nicolai at a school of magic.
Summary: Jamsa asks a favor of his roommate Nicolai
Note: Follows after Quick and Dirty and Piece of Cake. Title spelling is intentional
Warnings: Violation of consent/trust. Jamsa's a jerk (then again Nicolai as well) (I think they might well both be Slytherins if at Hogwarts)
Words: 1146


"Why not?"

"Why should I? Every time I have helped you this semester you've criticized me. Not one word of thanks. I don't know why you are even asking me."

"No one else would do it."

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2017-03-19 12:05 am

Fic: Tonya (Tries To) Hide

Title: Tonya (Tries To) Hide
Fandom/'verse: Superhero setting
Rating/Warnings: Language of the four letter sort, recovering mind control victim, rudeness
Summary/Notes: Set after Ice Cream and before Trying to Surrender (Which should be posted here soon)
Words: ~4300

If anyone ever suggests you hide under a truck traveling down a rough dirt road? Don't. Really, trust me and just don't. I mean sure, it sounds like a good idea if you're a total idiot. I'm not and it didn't. But you know that old rule? If it's stupid and it works? Well, it worked. I even got away from my latest pursuers. For values of Got Away that only care about a lack of handcuffs and pointed guns. And not getting squished by the tires. Not values of Got Away that care about pain and agony and ruining the back of your favorite and only jacket. But still I got away.
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2017-03-16 01:16 pm

Fic: Knotted Handkerchief

Title: Knotted Handkerchief
Fandom/'verse: No particular setting, modern day-ish.
Summary/Note: I hadn't heard of knotting handkerchiefs as a memory aid before, but reading about it made this not-the-same-but-same-words idea pop into my mind.
Prompter: Rix Scaedu
Triggers/Warnings: None that I see
Words: 556

It sat on her dresser for as long as I could remember. A bundle of cloth, the corners pulled together and knotted. Whenever any of us grandkids would ask what it was the answer was always the same. "Memories." We learned as well that you didn't want to be caught touching or even looking like you were going to touch the memories. Of course we all did. We knew there was paper inside. I probably wasn't the only one who tried undoing the knot but it never would budge even slightly. When grandmother's will was read the one thing I'm sure everyone was curious about was the fate of the memories. Who would get the memories, would they be be given on their own or as with something else, or would Grandmother ask that they pass with her.
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2017-01-08 03:37 pm
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So, making character references...

(Crossposting from my dA journal since Dreamwidth allows for anyone to reply)

One of the things I'd like to do this year is commission a picture of one of my characters. Probably either Tonya or Nyalla, and while I have text descriptions for both the place I always get stuck is visual references. Anyone have suggestions for more than just plugging keywords into Google Images? Or any magic sauce for doing that better? I'll probably grab pencil and paper try sketching out stuff, I could use the practice anyway, but yeah my skills haven't improved there since the last time I posted a drawing.

Likewise if there are publicly posted character profiles that you think are good models to follow, I'd be interested in those too.
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2017-01-07 03:14 am

2017 New Years Post

What's that? Oh, hey, a new year has started!

Welcome to 2017

  • Looking back at 2016
    • Very few posts. I don't even have to click on a "Previous 20 entries" link to see posts from 2015.
    • I never even entered anything into my 2016 word count tracking spreadsheet. Oops. I did post a few short pieces so the word count is over zero.
    • Oh look, among everything else about 2016 it included my first car accident. Which thankfully included my insurance agreeing the other person was 100% at fault (speeding, ran a red light, ran on foot from the scene almost instantly; a good list of things not to do and also a list of things the other person did).
    • I continued the guitar lessons. I'm by no means ready to go out on stage or busk on a street corner but I am enjoying the lessons quite a bit.
  • Looking ahead at 2017
    • Definitely continuing with guitar. In fact I'm hoping to get to the point I'm comfortable recording something and posting it somewhere.
      • Towards this I've made a list of songs I'm going to concentrate on this year. They won't be all I work on but I am going to keep them in the forefront.
      • More deliberate practice. Or in other words looking for specific things to practice. For my list of songs there are particular sections I'm working on. I'm also working on improving the use of basic strumming patterns with my right hand and switching more smoothly between chords with my left hand.
    • Writing, so many things I want to write, in 2017 I'm going to knock the cobwebs off my writing and get back to it.
      • I'm pondering some sort of serial flash thing. Something which I aim at regularly adding small amounts to even if just as pump-priming and only for myself.
      • Complete a row or column on one of my writing bingo cards :)
      • I should consider doing some more "X Days of _" those can be both challenging and fun.
    • Languages: I want to do more learning languages and playing with them this year.
      • I've completed the Esperanto skill tree on DuoLingo this week. This by no means fluent now but it's further than I've made it in previous attempts at a language. I intend to spend January reviewing, reading, and working on that some more and then starting back up on Spanish or German come February.
    • Lose more weight. This is going to be a goal for a while and probably into 2018 but I'm going to make an effort to have progress on this goal again.
      • More physical activity! Calories burned > Calories consumed = weight loss
      • Eat better! I'm a picky eater. A very picky eater. That said I need to get more fiber into my diet, more vegetable matter in general.
    • Conventions: This is a big maybe for 2017. If I do go to any they'll be local and most likely without getting a hotel room since that would put a strain on my efforts towards the next bit below
    • Paying down debts: I've zeroed out one and might be able to zero out another by my birthday (hey kid version of me, look at how exciting being an adult is, paying off a debt as a present). I'm not feeling all that excited for the economy which makes getting rid of debt rather a good idea. I want to be in the position to have everything (other than the new*er* car, thank you again person who hit my car) paid off by the end of 2018. The nice thing is you can snowball this. When you get a debt paid off the money in the monthly budget that would have gone towards it can be shifted to increasing the payments on another.
      • But as mentioned on the conventions line above, this also requires keeping an eye on spending. Conventions can be expensive if you aren't careful.
    • Giving: That said, when I get the next debt paid off I think I'm going to increase my Patreon budget. Either increase a few of my existing pledges or add a few more.
    • Non-writing-or-guitar-arty-stuff:
      • Pondering picking up pencil again and doing some more sketching.
      • Likewise I want to fire up Inkscape again and do more vector stuff.
        • One thought is sketching ideas for possible pins and then taking the ideas I like best to Inkscape for cleaning up and coloring.
      • Also looking at the beading supplies I have and pondering...
      • I want to get back into worldbuilding. Worldbuilding is fun.
    • I also wanting to get back into RPing. Either in person or more likely online.
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2016-10-23 11:17 pm
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Airbags, not just a good idea, a GREAT idea

Copying this from elsewhere because typing with 1.75 hands is so much fun (I get to wear a so fashionable thumb & wrist splint until told otherwise)...
car accident inclosed under the cut... )
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2016-09-11 10:59 pm

Thimble-Flash: Dark Horse

Title: Retired
Fandom/'verse: Random science fiction setting, follows Coup Warning & Reasons
Summary: Lind's coup hasn't gone totally unnoticed by the outside world
Prompter: [personal profile] aldersprig's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt for 16 January 2015; Dark Horse
Triggers/Warnings: None that I see
Note: Trying something new, going to see if I can link all five of January's prompts
Words: 355 (of a target 270-330 words, so a tad over goal)

Gavreel woke up before the sun as every morning. He saw the flashing light on his communications console and rejected the call before fixing a breakfast of filtered water and reheated vegetable stew. The farm had its own needs and he didn't have time to waste on his old life.

After a morning breaking ground for a new patch of beans he came inside for more water and fried oat cakes. A few key presses got rid of the blinking light once more.Click here to continue reading... )
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2016-05-11 12:58 am

Fic: Awake

Fandom/'verse: Original
Prompter: [ profile] kunama_wolf
Triggers/Warnings: MC stuck in isolated space
Note: Response to [ profile] kunama_wolf's prompt and not where I originally thought I'd be going with this prompt. I think I'll want to return to this one later...
Words: 554

click here to continue... )
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2016-04-26 01:33 pm

End of April Prompt Call: Alternatives

It's been too long since the last prompt call so here is...

the Late April Early May Prompt Call

The theme: Alternatives

This prompt call's theme comes from [personal profile] rix_scaedu's suggestion, "If you have X, why do you need Y?" Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish, it should inspire you as well as inspiring me.

Prompts may be independent or draw on either of my uncompleted bingo cards:

The inevitable rules and guidelines:
  • I will pick a prompt from each prompter and write at least 100 words (seriously, I rarely write less than that, tiny flash is hard!). No guarantee of a full scene or story but prompts that catch my interest and inspire are likely to go further.

  • Fanfic prompts will likely be skipped in favor of others unless I'm familiar with the original.

  • Yes, prompts based on prior work of mine are quite welcome.

  • No porn requests please. A: I don't want to need to age-lock posts. B: You won't get much porn-with-plot in a few hundred words.

  • Each prompt should consist of:
    • A short sentence or phrase (and pointer to bingo card if drawing from one), and/or

    • A story or scene you'd like to see more of, and/or

    • A character you'd like to see more of

  • Prompts are free. (But I am open to paypal/word-count-bartering if you'd like to see more beyond the initial prompt response)

  • My out of date writing landing page

  • My writing tag to see previously posted work

  • (There is no ninth bullet point)

  • Bonus: I will add an extra hundred minimum words for prompters who haven't left prompts on previous prompt calls (minimum 200 words).

  • And I will do a second prompt for sharing a link to the prompt call.

  • There is no closing date at this time. When I pick a date to close the prompt call I will revise this page to list it here.

  • When the prompt call is closed I will add a note to that effect to the top of this entry.
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2016-03-21 11:21 pm

Prompt for prompts

So I just looked and saw it's been quite a while since I did a prompt call. Pondering it for the last several minutes I decided I would first open up for prompt call themes. So far I have a few but I'm interested to see what all of you would be interested in.

* Ambition
* Delusions
* Family
* Hubris
* Playing Roles

And given that I'm requesting themes expect a new prompt call soon.
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2016-02-15 04:27 am

Languary Day Ten: T-A-M

Day ten, on which I had visited Wikipedia again and ponder the realms of Tense, Aspect, and Mood&Modality. Also (probably) second to last of the posts involving already prepared material, which would make it the second to last where the numbering is even vaguely connected to the date. Next post hopefully cleaned up and posted later today.

Next post will also have more sentences and vocabulary. Yay sentences and vocabulary. Yay for up too late silliness. Er, right, insert the cut and past in text...

Langifying under the cut... )