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This November rather than trying to put 50K into one project I've decided to do a couple of things. One of them is getting words in on an RPG setting. For the final result I'm aiming for something like the old staple bound floppy paper books from the 70/80s or similar sometimes perfect bound books from the early 2000s indie/small press RPG boom. Mostly print, two columns of text on an 8.5x11" page, in the 64-128 page range (aiming for the low end but well see). Inspired some by GURPS worldbooks in that it will be mostly description of the setting with only a small fraction of the space given over to anything system specific (for which I'm leaning towards FATE since it's a fairly descriptive system).

For the setting... I'm reaching back to two entries I made for the second 30 Days of Flashfic: Day 6 Write a Pitch For a Final Fantasy Styled RPG and the second half of Day 11 Movie Trailer Style. That setting being the Magical Girl Apocalypse, an alternate Earth which was invaded by magic wielding youngsters from a fantasy world. Aerth was in it's own version of the 50s (or maybe early 60s) when portals opened up and the invaders came through. Their parents had completed taking over the fantasy world and were starting to worry about potentially ambitious heirs who might not want to wait to sit on the thrones, so what better solution than to send them out to conquer somewhere else, preferably far enough away to not trouble their parents.

What I'm looking at currently as an outline would be:

* Introduction
* * History of Aerth
* Aerth Before the Invasion
* * The Invasion
* * After the Invasion
* The Magical Girls
* * Who Are They?
* * * Are They All Girls?
* * * What Do They Want? / Are They Evil?
* * Factions
* Post Invasion Aerth
* * Factions of The Resistance
* * Life After the Portals
* * Magic & Technology
* Major Figures & Places
* Creatures of Fantasy
* The Other World

And probably some random tables for generating stuff because random tables are fun.

Think I'm missing anything? Comments? Suggestions? "Hey where have you been?!" pokes (Mastodon mostly) all welcome.
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I had a sudden thought while (remainder of sentence purged for TMI). And that thought was this, there totally should have been an old school RPG in the 70s maybe early 80s that made use of some variety of custom slide rule.

How? Good question. Perhaps taking something along the lines of the rainbow chart in the old Marvel RPG (and IIRC third edition Gamma World) and instead of printing up a full page chart drop in a cheap plastic slip-stick. "Okay, it's this difficulty so I set the index here, I rolled this, so the result is blue... Woo!"

Yeah, like I say in the title, a geeky thought even considering we're talking about early table top RPGS.

Speaking of geeky things, this post is a fairly big hint as to the geeky birthday gift I bought for myself. It turns out that there's still at least one model of a student slide being made, and Think Geek has it on sale. :)
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Today Ryan Macklin has posted a playtest pdf file of the Character Creation chapter for Mythender. I'd heard the game's concept (Become a hero of legend who takes on the Myths and gives them what's coming to them. "...or it’s about stabbing Odin in his good eye and telling him how much of a little punk he his. It can go either way." is a quote from the website), but it wasn't until he posted the sample of the rules that it really grabbed me. Now I'm quite interested in seeing this out and ready for play.

Link to the Character Creation Playtest PDF file:

Quick TL;DR summary of character creation: Pick a Heart & History (what kind of Mythic character are you and what were you before you became Mythic), say what your weapons are that you fight Myth with (personal qualities, relics, and companions), your Fate (basically what's the archetype of your characters Myth: Judgment, Death, War, Life, etc.), then state state how you connect to the others in the group of game.

Note: This is all by answering questions. No random stats and only a touch of, "Pick one from column A and one from column B".

Here is what I came up with while reading through the chapter. This guy is incomplete so far, no name, :

Heart - Bearer:

- How did you gain your relic: After the fall of my village I was left for dead, waking at the side of my forge with my broken hammer in hand. I walked about my village in a daze and did not return to my senses - if I ever truly have - until I found myself back before my forge with metal scraps from all my neighbors and the few murderers who fell. I did not know what I was seeking when I woke my forge's coals again, only that I must work what I had collected. For three days and three nights I worked without sleep. When I was finished I looked upon my new hammer. It was shaped neither like my old hammer nor like the usual warrior's hammer but more like the rune Lagu.

What does your relic whisper to you when you touch it: Justice must be. Justice will find all. Those who wrong will right themselves or be made right. No one may escape justice, no one.

Do you trust your relic? Why/why not? My hammer has served me well since the day its forging was complete. The iron and blood of my neighbors and kin are within it. But I never forget that some of the scraps came from the brigands who murdered them. If the souls of my kin are within, might not theirs be as well? My relic whispers, but I will always be wary of the softest whispers.

History - Mourner:

What did you lose? The last day of my old life ended before the dawn. Brigands fell upon my home village thirsting not merely for gold, but the iron of blood. I woke to the shouts of my neighbors and grabbed the hammer from my forge. To my undying shame I did not wake soon enough to save even a single one of my people from the sword. I have lost my family, my neighbors, my home in all its forms.

What should you have done to prevent this loss? I should have woken earlier. I was the strongest of my village. I should have stood between my people and the murderers. I should have saved them or died trying.

How has losing maimed your soul? I know to the deepest core of myself that I have nothing to return to. My family is dead. Those I grew up with are dead. The land has either gone fallow or is now home to strangers. And if I dare to take others as new friends or family or new land as my own, is this a betrayal of those I lost? Do I dare risk losing all again?

A Mourner's Bonds:
(Characters would be listed here in an actual game)
- _____ gives me a reason to continue.

- _____ reminds me of what I've lost.

- _____ gives me solace.

- _____ joins me in suffering.

Your first weapon: My Hammer is my weapon. I use it to end myths crushing the weapons of those I face forcing them to face justice. (Relic: Strength 4)

Your second weapon: My quest for justice is my weapon. I use it to end myths by bringing an accounting for their actions. (Intrinsic: Strength 3)

Your third weapon: My endurance is my weapon. I use it to end myths by bearing the unendurable. (Intrinsic: Strength 3)

Mythic Heart: New, still in the first months of being a Mythender.

Myth: The Myth of Judgment

- The Dream of Judgment: I seek to bring balance to those who approach in my dreams. The victims give me those I must seek for redress. When I find their wrongdoers in life or dream I can give their victims peace. The unjust face judgment. Those who will acknowledge their wrongdoing may hope for some mercy. Those who will not repent will be made to regret their choice.

- The presence of Judgment: A sense that the Fates are close seems to happen around me.

The forms of Judgment:

- Mortal form: I appear as one longer a child by not long a man. I have muscles easily seen from working hammer and forge. Dark hair and black eyes and a face frames by roughly trimmed hair at the sides. Hair kept short for the heat and sparks of the forge.

- Godly form: I appear as a tall man, almost half again my usual height. My muscles do not appear to have grown larger but instead seem hard as iron under my skin. In one hand I have my hammer, grown in size with me, in the other a simple balance scale made not of gold or silver but of unpolished steel. Likewise my clothes as well are without gold or silver decoration. A sleeveless shirt and pants made or fine but undecorated cloth are covered by a heavy leather work apron.

- Paragon Form: I appear much as I do in mortal form, with a hint of the muscles of my godly form.

- Supernatural form: As I approach my fate I grow in height, my clothes somehow growing with me, as if I always had this size and my mortal form a trick of the eyes. What clothes I have grow in the quality of their making - losing any needless decoration at the same time. Muscle and build show strength. Not that of one who builds them for vain show, but the strength of work.
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And here is my results for the twelve character meme. Caught this one by way of [ profile] chaypeta and [ profile] jeriendhal. I picked twelve current and past RP characters of mine.

  1. Pithani Uro: Mars Academy's resident reformed juvenile delinquent

  2. Kaleth 'LilFluff' Lilandren: Who lucked into roaming the multiverse at his government's request

  3. Verdi: Rescued servant and Mars Academy student

  4. Talyeth Riverbend: Remember, if the guy comes from a well-to-do family you call him accentric, not weird.

  5. Simon 'Fifteen Griffon years old' Pepelu: Crazy underage pulp space pirate/mad scientist

  6. Tomasso: Secret agent and cyborg wrangler. Slowly admitting to caring about the girl put in his care

  7. Ricardo Nuncio: expat from the Southern Confederation's perfectly safe and pacifist city of Innsmouth

  8. Takahashi Tomi: Catboy? Who? Me? Um, stay there while I remember the amnesia spell?

  9. Veronica: The 'slightly' paranoid cyborg (slightly, like Trinity was a 'small' boom)

  10. Monty: the innocent cyborg assassin boy

  11. Liou Siete-Vosom: Genius by birth and genetic engineering, orphan by choice

  12. Edward Françoise Li: Exo Engineer, Technician, and Tinkerer

And now the answers )
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It's the story of a group of Goblins who decide to take player classes so they can eventually defend their clan from adventurers. Or course gaining character levels will require doing some adventuring. Much like OotS there are jokes about D&D rules and oddities. Here we have two guards commenting on economic absurdities of the Players Handbook price lists. (As for the goblin hidden under the cart at the bottom of the page, he's sneaking into the city on a quest to do a good deed.)
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Was about to post this before spotting the previous news...

Results from an In Nomine meme quiz:

What celestial choir do you resonate?
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Aw hell no. Erick Wujcik blog

Keep in touch with your doctors people, and if you don't feel good have it checked out.
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So I was double checking some old posts in the Gundam themed Jovian Chronicles game I have a character in. My character wasn't in this bit, but I still rather like it.

Setting: The characters have just fought off a flight of CEGA exo-armors. When the attack started the military characters got a recall order on their comms, an order that cut off mid sentence. The group's Lieutenant has just reached the bridge of the ship...

... terrible answer to the burning question of what happened is revealed. The room is dark, most of the high-definition video panels that make up the globe-shaped monitor enclosure around the bridge are dark, with only a few showing flickering static. A gaping hole in the upper left of the monitor-globe ceiling shows the hazy blue atmosphere of the Serena colony. A second hole in the lower right of the monitor-globe floor matches it, showing where a CEGA anti-ship torpedo punctured straight through the Pegasus' hull.

The four bridge bunnies and the captain lay dead in their acceleration chairs, scorched by the blast and impaled repeatedly by shrapnel from the missile's passage. At the captain's chair, the armrest-mounted flatpanel console beeps insistently, "SYSTEM RESET - OVERRIDE Y/N?"


"System reset complete. Checking command authority. Please wait, processing..." The Pegasus' central computer's soft female voice intoned.

"Captain Carlo Markins not on board.

"First Lieutenant Jeff Starking not on board.

"Second Lieutenant Watson Embleton not on board.

"Second Lieutenant Kaoru Tanizaki not on board.

"Chief Petty Officer Karen Marcus not on board.

"Cadet Lieutenant Gilliam Reilly located."

Another pause, then, "Command authorization complete, JCS Pegasus, Cadet Lieutenant Gilliam Reilly, ranking officer. Bridge stations currently unoccupied. Do you wish to consolidate command functions at captain's station, Captain Reilly?"

Yep, the couple of cadet officers in the group are the last command line officers left in the crew, the rest were killed in the sneak attack. Oh, and it turns out Earth and the outer colonies are now at war, and when they do finally manage text only contact with their command the reply is barely more than a sentence. Report to the Mars Fleet staging area. Hello, didn't we tell you the ship was structurally damaged and under-manned? Oh, then there's the fact that one of the exo pilots has had to be restricted to quarters due to the way she becomes a cold almost robotic killer in combat ("The Jovian Navy does not commit war crimes on camera!" "Would the other pilots please switch off their recorders or aim them elsewhere, I am about to execute the surviving CEGA pilots and I have been ordered not to do so on camera." "Angela! That's not what I meant! Return to the Pegasus, now!"), one pilot has been arrested because he's not military but a civilian who was trespassing in the research facility that was building the new exo-armor designs the ship is now carrying ("Aaaah! They're shooting at me! What do I do! What do I do!" "Move and shoot back." "They're trying to kill me, I don't wanna die!"), or there is the matter of the ship only getting underway and surviving combat on exiting the station because a cryo-capsule was discovered that had a young girl who seems to be an expert with the bridge computers (shades of Firefly and Outlaw Star).

Did I mention that my character the civilian engineer may possibly have the highest security clearance of any of the survivors, news that left him quite worried ("Tanj! I knew the ship got hit hard, but surely there weren't that many casualties! I'm just a contractor!"). Or that their communications and electronic warfare officer is a green, still wet behind the ears, pop-music idol who was only just assigned to the ship for her first post-training cruise. Who wasn't trained for the new just out of the lab equipment she now has to work with.
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Ant Pogo: "Why do all my games seem to end up as fanfiction written by 13-year-old fangirls?"

Silent Wayfarer: "The Yaoi Fairy likes you. It possesses your players to show its appreciation. ;)"

This Gundam themed Jovian Chronicals game I think taking on hints of Gundam fanfic. "What if we had the pilots fall for each other. Oh, and Titus thinks Ed is a girl."

('s Most Disturbing Game being the Gunslinger Girls game that Ant Pogo is running. Which so far has involved one of the Loves That Dare Not Be Named resulting in a threat of double suicide which might lead to a drug induced mind wipe, one of the girls cheerfully chopping up mafioso with a pair of hatchets, another responding to her handler's off hand complaint by putting her finger to his head and saying, "Bang. You're dead. Does that mean I'm in charge now?", a scene with strong innuendo that something more explicit was happening until the curtain was pulled back revealing it was just medicated lotion being put on a healing wound... As I said,'s Most Disturbing Game.)
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(two typos in the source material corrected)

  You scored as Character Player. The Character Player enjoys creating in-depth characters with distinct and rich personalities. He identifies closely with his characters, feeling detached from the game if he doesn't. He takes creative pride in exploring different characters, often making each new one radically different than others he's played. The Character Player bases his decisions on his character's psychology first and foremost. He may view rules as a necessary evil at best, preferring sessions in which the dice never come out of their bags. For the Character Player, the greatest reward comes from experiencing the game from the emotional perspective of an interesting character.



Character Player


Weekend Warrior


Casual Gamer




Power Gamer




What RPG Player (Not Character) Type Are You?
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