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Warning! All insects read notice! Entering my home shall be considered agreement to the following terms.

*All cockroaches squished on sight! Entering home shall be considered consent to be force fed noxious substances.
*Spiders shall stay in inaccessible corners for maximum longevity. Crawling on any body part shall be considered a request for flattening.
**NOTE: No mercy nor quarter shall be granted to Black Widow spiders.
*Attention flies, this residence shall purchase and employ miniature scale anti-aircraft style anti-insect devices as soon as they enter the market. Until then you shall have to settle for being swatted the old fashion way.

*Geckos are welcome to dine in this domicile. However, please go outside to take care of waste management issues.

How long until I can buy a real HoiHoi-san?
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[ profile] space_coyote has posted pictures of volume 2 of Yokaiden. What? You say you haven't read volume 1 yet? What are you waiting for, run down to the store and pick it up. It's fun!

Volume 2 comes with nifty features like pre-printed, pre-assembled pages. That's right! No longer do you need to print, cut, stack, and glue the pages, only to then need to find the heaver paper to print the cover on. Del Rey's manga group has already done that for you, all you need due is turn the pages and read.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to volume 2, and you have find preview pictures of Yokaiden 2 at the link you just read over.
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I have been off and on grabbing a stack of manga (and a few assorted trade paperback editions of other stuff) and entering them into a linux app called Alexandria. It's not perfect (in fact the current version seems to have a few stability issues -- however it only ever takes itself down, and seems to do so without taking out any records), but it has some nice features.

* I can do ISBN lookups, and if it finds the book it will enter in the details for me
* Including automatically snagging cover photos
* I can export the records in a variety of formats including on huge web page or a csv file.
* It will spot attempts to enter duplicate records
* Like most other such apps it has a book loan feature that will let you see when and to who you loaned a book
* You can give books an 0-5 star rating
* You can also record random notes for any particular book
* In theory I can enter a books information manually in a form, but that's one of the unstable parts right now
** However, the record for each book is stored as a YAML formatted text file. Which means that when I discovered that Runaways volume two in paperback does not exist according to the automated Amazon lookup, I was able to take care of the issue with a text editor, a single cut&paste from an existing file, and a few quick edits.

Here for example is what I saved to create the entry:

--- !ruby/object:Alexandria::Book
- Brian K Vaughan
- Adrian Alphona
- Jo Chen
edition: Paperback
isbn: 0785114157
notes: ""
publisher: Marvel Comics
saved_ident: 0785114157
title: "Runaways Vol. 2: Teenage Wasteland"

Yeah, the penciler and inker get recorded as authors. The program's original intent was for recording regular books not comic books (of whatever genre, style, or national origin).

The records being formatted plain text means a low barrier to playing around with the database. It also means that if I decide to switch to another program it shouldn't be too difficult to transfer the existing records. One of the other major linux book collection programs looks to be Tellico, which will happily slurp up Alexandria records. Or I could decide to roll my own php/mysql web app and without too much trouble pull over the records (including cover images).

But in the end just getting a decent list of what I have will be enough of an improvement. It's rather annoying to go into the bookstore and stare at the shelf thinking to myself, "Okay... Just what volume of Bleach did I leave off on anyway..."
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Yu Watase also draws a cute lil' fox. Yay for Poplar!

That is all.

'k, bye!
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The ladies of CLAMP draw cute kitsune.

That's all I wanted to say right now.

'k, bye.

CLAMP quiz

Apr. 16th, 2007 10:06 pm
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Um. Hello quiz thingies, while androids are nifty I'm a guy!

CLAMP Quiz results under the cut )
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Nifty. While I may only be posting now, I ran across Manglish, manga in English before the Slashdot posting. (I was trying to look up info about the thankfully false Miyazaki rumor)

There is currently only a cover and a first page, but Mainichi is posting original manga pages, which reveal English translations of the dialog and sound effects when you mouse over the Japanese. The current title is "A Six Feet Girl" about 16 year old and 180cm tall Noboko as she enters high school.
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It's a fairly low activity site, but Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 has some of that quality known as niftiness. Perhaps one of these days they will finish the RPG suppliment (aparently they have run ADGNEPSEF555 games at conventions).

Rules of the Bus
1. Do not open/look out windows while bus is in dimensional transit.
2. Do not talk to or disturb driver.
3. Do not look directly at driver.
4. Do not read driver's nameplate.
5. Do not say driver's name three times in a row, even in your head.
6. No food or drinks.

"Yes, in general blasphemies which should not be are indeed ''Icky''."

Hmm. Actually there are new strips in the webcomic up since the last time I looked (admittedly a few months ago), so it is actually slowly updating and not outright frozen.
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Can you believe that despite having gone to the Van von Hunter site some months ago after reading the first print volume, and starting in on the strips that follow the events in the book, I hadn't noticed that the book doesn't start with the first strips. D'oh. And I mumble at work when people call in and haven't looked closely at what they're doing.

Nift! A whole new storyline, a prequel!

On another note, having been posted late Christmas eve, some may have missed my call for Anime and Manga viewing/reading suggestions. Especially cute stuff. So far it's largely an agreement that Merle isn't as annoying as popularly claimed.
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Princess Tutu has been mentioned a few times recently, including reference to an accidental Tutu/Akira crossover suggestion. So, having recently run across Tutu I have to ask, "Why did no tell me to look at this sooner?" In case anyone wasn't sure, as much as I like Full Metal Panic (Big mecha taking down helicopters with thrown giant knives, yay!) and Ghost in the Shell SAC, I also like cute stuff. Cute stuff rocks!

So I thought I'd try asking for suggestions. Here is a list of anime and manga that I like and if anyone has any suggestions just post a reply.

1. Slayers (all of it)
2. Noir (haven't finished it yet, but like it through the third disc)
3. Inu Yasha & Ranma (the shows run forever, but I still like them)
4. Hellsing (Nice twist having Dracula, excuse me, Alucard work for the vampire hunters)
5. Hyper Police (Catgirls, werewolves, kitsune, and gunfights, yay!)
6. Nuku Nuku, and Nuku Nuku DASH (Nuku Nuku TV on the other hand gets a big, 'Eh, whatever.' On the other hand, if Nuku Nuku TV had been done as a sentai show... Can you picture a live action show if someone done up as a catgirl facing off with someone in a washing machine costume? Complete with creative camera angles and simple special effects work. It might work, it just might work.)
7. Trigun (I really need to grab the last few discs but I like the first 2/3rds)
8. The first volume of the Tutu manga (and the first episode of the Anime, yay for preview discs!)
9. Fruits Basket. (Whatever I could say has already been said better.)
10. Card Captor Sakura (The manga, only seen a little of the anime)
11. Tsubasa
12. Xxxholic
13. Magic Knight Ray-- okay, lets save space and just say CLAMP.
14. The first three volumes of Desert Coral (Please ADV, please give us more!)
15. The Kindaichi Case Files (Please, may we have the anime and live action Kindaichi too?)
16. Bleach (Which being the new 'manga you're required to like' I was prepared not to like, but it grabbed me)

And a few non-manga/anime

1. Sledge Hammer. What's not to like about an intentionally over the top cop show.
2. Eerie Indiana. Imagine if the X-Files had been done a few years earlier and involved a group of middle school students rather than FBI agents. Reduce the angst a little and mix in a touch more silly and you have Eerie Indiana.
3. Danger Mouse. What's not to like about it? Other than the lack of additional episodes.
4. Firefly. Will someone please stop letting Fox have anything to do with good shows.
5. Jack of All Trades. Bruce (Ash) Campbell as an American spy in the early 19th century Caribbean. Goofy mad science, a midget playing Napoleon, and the historical accuracy of Xena.
6. My Best Friend is a Vampire. Ah, who wouldn't enjoy a vampire coming of age story? Or was it a warning of why grocery delivery is a dangerous career.
7. Babylon 5. Everything Star Trek wanted to be. Continuing story lines, good to great characters, epic battles, politics, a universe that was allowed to change as events occurred, Penn and Teller as guest stars. Someday we will invent a device to travel between parallel worlds and get to see the full runs of Crusade and Rangers as well.
8. Stosstrup. A series that used to run in Furrlough. In 2020 Swiss scientists trying to use genetic engineering to speed up cheese production instead accidentally kill half the worlds population with a vicious plague. In 2026 the survivors band together and world peace breaks out --- wait it may be a furry title but the politics isn't that cartoony. In 2026 the various countries have mostly ended their internal civil wars and strife and decide to distract their citizens with external fighting. What starts as a sci-fi battle involving battles in earth orbit and cutting edge aircraft soon bogs down and becomes a ground war with no end in sight. The European Alliance vs. The Eurasian Commonwealth, with the common soldier caught in the middle.
9. Albedo. Another furry title, this one a fairly hard science fiction series. Three hundred years earlier the citizens of a planet suddenly realize they have no idea where everything came from. Near as they can tell one day they suddenly woke up and went to work in nice modern cities with no memory of anything prior. When researchers can't find any evidence of earlier civilizations their attention turns to space. Then when the first few colonies and space explorers find no evidence of life out there attention soon turns to the time honored world of politics (eg: Hurrah for Utopia, but why in the world should our neighbors get to have utopia too). The issues come out on an irregular and long schedule, but it's worth waiting for.
10. Usagi Yojimbo. Interesting trivia time, the first story was published in the back of an issue of Albedo. UY has also been made into an RPG by two different companies (the second of which has also made the current Albedo RPG).


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