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Feb. 8th, 2015 03:08 am
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* Have passed the, "Can assemble Ikea stuff," test

* Poking at a new character, a superhero using the name Chaparral Racer (as in Chaparral Bird, another name for a Roadrunner).
** I'm also getting the feeling this character goes either in the newest of my three supers settings (how did I end up with three?) or in [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's Terramagne.
** Chaparral's also already undergone a change of power while figuring him out.

* Breaking down boxes like some sort of anti-box vigilante, bwahahaha :p There's something cathartic about slicing through the tape and unfolding the box back to a compact flat shape.

* Pondering getting rid of more stuff.
** Have to check if the T.H.E.M. library is still a thing and see if some of the books can go there.
** More to go off to the local used book megastore and library donation bin as well.
** I've actually now got an official To Read shelf! (which consists of three shelves, all double rowed)

* Weight. Yeah. Not giving up on getting weight down, even if that seems to have stalled.

* I seem to have replaced Flight Rising with Marvel Puzzle Quest. A match-three-or-more tiles game with story lines and a character collecting/leveling element.
** Always have to giggle when taking down Iron Man with Squirrel Girl.

* 3:30 AM. Nope, not believing that, can't actually be 3:30 AM. I think I'll get some sleep anyway.
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On the way to work and on the way home I had the chance to observe flagpoles, noticing some at half mast and others not. For those who don't know, yesterday 19 fire fighters were killed fighting a fire near Yarnell, Arizona yesterday. These were 19 of 20 members of a single hotshot crew (essentially the elite of wildfire fire fighting crews). They were based out of Prescott, meaning one small town has now suffered 19 deaths and taken a big hit to their own fire fighting capabilities. So as I looked at the flagpoles I found myself asking why so few of them were at half mast.

Fire fighters are everyday heroes. Day or night, war or peace, every season and any weather they stand ready to throw themselves into harms way to not merely protect our lives but to simply protect our property. Often doing so knowing that we did something foolish to create the problem to begin with. I remember hearing about five or so years ago during a spike in gas prices about a home that burned down because someone decided to hoard gasoline. They filled twenty or so gas cans and then stuck them all into an indoor closet -- where fumes collected until one tiny spark started a blaze that burned the place down. Seeing such foolishness fire fighters don't abandon us, they put out the fire, shake their heads, and head back to the station and prepare for the next fire. And unless they're showing up to fight a fire at our own home our thanks for them is usually grumbling on our part when we have to pull over to let their truck pass by. Or worse trying to take advantage of their presence to speed through traffic putting them at risk of accidents.

So for lack of a better conclusion I'll simply ask, why the hell aren't more of the flags at half mast here in Arizona and suggest that you thank the next fire fighter you see. They may not be around to thank tomorrow.
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So, we have yet another executive saying we should stop with all this privacy talk. In this case, Randi Zuckerberg who is Marketing Director for facebook. In fact based on what she's said, "I think anonymity on the Internet has to go away. People behave a lot better when they have their real names down. … I think people hide behind anonymity and they feel like they can say whatever they want behind closed doors." (source: blog post on the EFF's website Randi Zuckerberg Runs in the Wrong Direction on Pseudonymity Online) she thinks that people won't misbehave if their real names will be attached to their actions...

rest of rant below cut tl;dr version: I might listen to you if you voluntarily give up all privacy yourself first )


Sep. 28th, 2009 10:38 pm
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I'm feeling rather meh this evening. Such a wonderful word meh. It's not bad. It's not depressed. It's just... meh. No real energy, no upset over that lack of energy, no desire for that energy. Just a shrug and, "Ah well, today isn't bad but tomorrow will be better."

Maybe it is the peas. I willingly, intentionally added peas to dinner. Me, intentionally eating a green legume. Weird. :) Or lack of sleep. I did stay up a little too late last night. Although I got extra sleep the night before.

So I guess I'll just sit back, absorb extra vitamins and fiber, and run through flash cards.
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Sometimes it just takes one news story to change your day. To go from grumpy about events around the world and right at work to remembering that not all the news is about people doing bad things. Found via [livejournal.com profile] shadow27's journal, an article in the Orange County register about a girl named Colby who wanted to see the movie Up. Only one thing was keeping her from going to the theater, a little matter of the vascular cancer that was killing her and leaving her to ill to make the trip to the theater. So when her mother called Pixar they sent an employee out with a copy of the movie on DVD for a private viewing, allowing her to see the movie hours before the cancer killed her. And from the article it sounds like if the family didn't decide to talk about it and thank Pixar we'd probably never have heard. No bragging press releases and no attempt on Pixar's part to take the public spotlight for doing something kind.

So thats what I mean by happy pain. You can't help but feel something when hearing about a kid dieing from something as cruel as cancer. But to also see that others stepped in to try and do something to help. It's good to be reminded that there's more going on in the world than acts of greed and madness.
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It has been, let's see, oh my over three months. What has been happening in that time? Well, I have been learning that keeping a mustache trimmed is important if you will be eating anything with a sauce on it. Completed the requirements for ACB status in Toastmasters. Mumbled at my car some more (but the mechanic is still cheaper than making car payments on a new or newer car).

On the other hand, I have yet to finish getting my degree or upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 yet (not upgrading the OS in the middle of a class without making a full backup, and I'm feeling a bit lazy to do that right now).
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Huh. After [livejournal.com profile] miwasatoshi's post, it's interesting to do a search on my user name. I knew there were some others using LilFluff as a username since I wasn't able to grab it on either Yahoo or AIM. While the majority of the links on the first few pages of results come to stuff I did, it turns out there's also a lady in the UK, and another in Oakland who also use the same username. Hmm. Both ladies.

Okay, quick question time. For anyone who didn't already know me in person, what first impressions did you get?

In return, since I'm asking a question I'll open the floor to everyone else (Even if you aren't answering the above question). Feel free to ask me a question. I'll answer each one. Although I don't promise informative answers. If I'm uncomfortable answering then that might be the answer.
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There are a number of downsides to living in an apartment. One upside is that when there are plumbing problems you just call the maintenance line and say, "Send someone over, the toilet and bathtub are back flowing."

And no need to pull out the checkbook, since it's covered by the money you fork over each month to the company that runs the place. So tell me oh people who keep talking about how I should be rushing out to buy a house or condo, when the plumbing backs up can I call the mortgage company and say, "Send someone over?" And considering a mortgage payment would probably be higher than rent...

I would like a house some day. But I don't think I'll be rushing into it. Meanwhile I'll be keeping an eye on the tub. The toilet just drained, but the tub seems more reluctant to do so.


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