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In my previous post I said on of my NaNo plans is working on an RPG setting book. In addition to that I do plan to work on some prose. Specifically I want to continue what I am refering to as the Magic School Doofuses (Quick and Dirty, Piece of Cake, Just Purr-fect, and Consequences, note the last two involve an involuntary physical transformation and students (+staff) not being nice).

As a bit of last minute #PrepTober/#NanoPrep I'm throwing the door open to any questions for the cast of the stories to help me get back in their heads.
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This November rather than trying to put 50K into one project I've decided to do a couple of things. One of them is getting words in on an RPG setting. For the final result I'm aiming for something like the old staple bound floppy paper books from the 70/80s or similar sometimes perfect bound books from the early 2000s indie/small press RPG boom. Mostly print, two columns of text on an 8.5x11" page, in the 64-128 page range (aiming for the low end but well see). Inspired some by GURPS worldbooks in that it will be mostly description of the setting with only a small fraction of the space given over to anything system specific (for which I'm leaning towards FATE since it's a fairly descriptive system).

For the setting... I'm reaching back to two entries I made for the second 30 Days of Flashfic: Day 6 Write a Pitch For a Final Fantasy Styled RPG and the second half of Day 11 Movie Trailer Style. That setting being the Magical Girl Apocalypse, an alternate Earth which was invaded by magic wielding youngsters from a fantasy world. Aerth was in it's own version of the 50s (or maybe early 60s) when portals opened up and the invaders came through. Their parents had completed taking over the fantasy world and were starting to worry about potentially ambitious heirs who might not want to wait to sit on the thrones, so what better solution than to send them out to conquer somewhere else, preferably far enough away to not trouble their parents.

What I'm looking at currently as an outline would be:

* Introduction
* * History of Aerth
* Aerth Before the Invasion
* * The Invasion
* * After the Invasion
* The Magical Girls
* * Who Are They?
* * * Are They All Girls?
* * * What Do They Want? / Are They Evil?
* * Factions
* Post Invasion Aerth
* * Factions of The Resistance
* * Life After the Portals
* * Magic & Technology
* Major Figures & Places
* Creatures of Fantasy
* The Other World

And probably some random tables for generating stuff because random tables are fun.

Think I'm missing anything? Comments? Suggestions? "Hey where have you been?!" pokes (Mastodon mostly) all welcome.
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About a month ago [ profile] haikujaguar put the following in one of her posts:

I bumped across that link while poking about older posts on my friends list and gave it a follow. Now there is a story. A NaNoWriMo 50k completed while part of a forward observation team in northern Iraq. Completed mostly in evenings, after sundown, in a place where it would not be a great idea to be basking in the glow of a laptop screen...

Two weeks off, you know, I bet I can get more of Unquiet Past written during this.
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I am rather unlikely to reach 50k words by the end of the month. I only have just over 4k now and would need a to a touch over 3k a day for the rest of the month to hit 50k. But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up entirely. I'm just acknowledging the unlikeliness of reaching the NaNoWriMo goal.

That said, since posting part one I've got a dream (which is clearly a dream from the start, none of that "Oh my what's happening... psych, fooled you, just a dream sequence" nonsense from me), a little of the aftermath of the dream, and skipped ahead and did a portion of the school play (which will probably later be ruthlessly cut -- too much, "Look at the nifty background history I came up with," most of which can safely be trimmed).

After November I think I'll work out what my average daily output was and use that to help set a continuing goal. Then when next November hits I'll be better prepared.
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After debating for much of the day I decided to post the first portion. For anyone who skipped the previous post this is my unofficial nanowrimo effort (I haven't actually taken the time to set up an account at I spent the first several days working out who the characters were and a few of the major plot elements, which means that at my current words per day rate I will run well short of 50k words. I'll have to see how many words I manage on the weekend, and if I manage to keep modestly upping the words per day rate.

Warnings: This is a fanfic for those allergic to that, set in the universe of Peta Hewitt's ([info]chaypeta

) comic Terinu. Set on the world of Vulpine Prime, so yes, if you're allergic to furry the majority of the population are aliens who look like anthropomorphic foxes. For the rest of us, part one of the story comes under the cut.

{include: non-standard disclaimer} Terinu is a really cool and nifty webcomic. If you think my story is nice, go read the source material, it's even better. Fanfic written without prior approval or permission of Peta. She has been pretty cool about fanfic in the past however. Hey, she's nifty. Have I said to go read Terinu yet? Oh, but make sure you have time to work through the archives. Aren't Rufus and Melika made of awesome? The rest of the cast too, but hey, extra props to the Vulpine characters since this fic is set on their homeworld. Peta is of course free to ignore or use anything here as she likes. It's her sandbox, please don't send me home before cookie time, I wanna finally try a Tim Tam. (Silly grocery store put up a display bragging about stocking "Australia's Favorite Cookie" and stocked the entire display with packages nigh a month past the sell/eat by date). {end: non-standard disclaimer}

The Unquiet Past, Part 1 )
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...if your character never actually mentions the other character's name? Still in the opening of my nano, and have one character make an of hand reference to, "The Brushtail's pet digger," which as I think about it isn't really a nice way for him to refer to Lady Dorothea Bayard, AKA Aunt Dottie, archaeologist and family black sheep from [ profile] jeriendhal's Terinu fanfic Spin Recovery. He needed to make reference to someone known for studying pre-subjugation history, and hey, what do you know there might not be anyone mentioned in canon so far (that I recall being mentioned) but Dottie fits the bill (and is probably eccentric enough to be known). Which yes, means what I'm working on is also a Terinu fanfic. Or at least set in the same universe, most likely it won't involve any of the major characters.

Although hopefully my characters will be able to avoid running into addiction and loss of limbs like happened in Spin Recovery. Which isn't to say that they'll manage to avoid the involvement of law enforcement. Then again a story without troubles isn't going to be a very interesting story. For someone is going to be a very naughty boy, forcing my main character to take care of things when she'd rather not be on scene at all. ("Troublesome commoners and their silly celebrations, should never have accepted that offer of shore leave to visit home. Could have been in training, or doing paperwork, or getting shot at by pirates instead of this.")

Now to try and actually write past the opening scene...

EDIT: Hurrah, I do believe I now have a title. "The Unquiet Past"


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