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Hey everyone, I'll be off the net for a bit today, unless the horrible wifi signal has improved in the past month), and have some time without specific tasks. So, would anyone like to suggest some writing prompts? Stuff for my existing settings, Qs for characters, random prompts, demifiction ideas, whatever...

For anyone planning to do NaNoWriMo, the site StoryBundle has a 2017 Nano Tools bundle. I'm still debating whether to pick it up but I've liked the contents of some of the past year's nano bundles. This year the book on writing injuries is looking the most enticing to me, but there are also books on Excel for writers, story structure, scrivenor, etc. Not an affiliate link, I don't get anything if you buy, but I did think some of you might be interested.

Speaking of that, there's still about a week left to pick up the SFWA Fantasy bundle. Multiple books in it look good and I'm only somewhat biased in recommending it (I've read a little of Rowyn's The Moon Etherium (you might already know Rowyn from A Rational Arrangement or from right here on Dreamwidth) and I'm looking forward to sometime soon sitting down and completing it).
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Hey, did you know [personal profile] aldersprig has a Giraffe (Zebra) call going? Don't know what that is? It's a call for story prompts. Leave a prompt, get some fic. If tips are left or her Patreon joined (helping to pay for home renovations) then more is written.

Autumn 2017 Giraffe (Zebra) Call: Autumn, Autumn (Roundtree)*, Fall, and Falling

now posted with fewer spelling errors in the subject line :)
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It's that time again.

"Time to run in circles panicking about gift giving?"

No, that's not for a few days yet. Nope, it's time to point to some prompt calls!

  • [ profile] rix_scaedu still has a prompt call going through December 24th. Leave requests on her December Prompt Request post on Livejournal. Caution, requests for seasonal weather may have unexpected results (tis Summer in the Southern Hemisphere).

  • [ profile] aldersprig has a prompt call open as well. Leave requests at the post Giraffe Call Open: Siblings over on livejournal. As the post title suggests the prompt theme is siblings. Having them, not having them, loving, hating, becoming...

  • Finally [ profile] greenwick as of this posting still has a few slots open for sketches. Find out more at Holiday Sketch Requests also on Livejournal.

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Hey everyone, [ profile] rix_scaedu has a prompt call going and you still have time to get in on it. Until sometime Saturday the 13th of October you can leave brief prompts and have a short scene written to it. Check it out at October Prompt Request.

Have I left prompts? Certainly have! You can find her response to my first prompt at, On the Night of Disguises. This is I believe the third piece in her Prince of Cats setting. The prior parts being, The Prince of Cats and A Confession.

Check out as well, The Palace Will Shortly Be Making an Announcement, and Artifice, both written to prompts left by [personal profile] aldersprig. The first is part of a series but ought to be fine read on its own. The second involves a creative solution to some wedding planning difficulties.
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Remember that prompt call of [ profile] rix_scaedu's I mentioned yesterday? You can now read Public Consultation, the response to my prompt, "Jackalope collecting."
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Hello everyone. I'm way, way behind in posting writing. But that doesn't mean you have to do without (let me pretend :) thank you), for [ profile] rix_scaedu is holding a prompt call.

Leave a phrase or short sentence; or leave a setting, story, or character you'd like to see more of. Signal boosts get more of your prompts written to (so uh, yeah, I'm getting something from this but I really do believe you should do this, just take a look at prior posts) and more prompters will mean added text to a serial story and background pieces.

Well, what are you doing still looking at my post? Link's up above in the first paragraph.
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Late, late, late post but there are still a few days left.

Over on LJ Rix Scaedu is holding a prompt call. While called the March Prompt Request, it is in fact open until the morning (her time) of Easter Sunday (that's next Sunday for people like me who are calendar impaired).

Give one or more prompts, tip to extend responses to your own or others prompts.

You want an example or two?

Aftermath, "When the Achuan invaded, they apologised." An alien invasion that doesn't go quite how we expected invasion to be...

You, We, They Did What?, a follow up to Aftermath. "...contacting an intelligent species by accidently dropping radioactive debris on them and then trying to clean up the damage without anyone finding out had crossed the line..."

Strategy Meeting “We recommend immediate eradication.” “We’ve been trying that,” a giant lizard has been stomping around the place eating cattle. That's the bad part, right? Right?
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Would you like some microfic? [personal profile] aldersprig is throwing another Giraffe call (called this as donations help with paying for some giraffe print carpet).

How does this work? Quite simple: Simply make a reply to the Giraffe Call (LJ link) post with one or more story prompts. The theme of this prompt call is, "Gifts, gifts, and the gifted."

And if you would like a sample, there has already been a story posted: A True Gift (LJ link), an ominous story from Anke's prompt on gift giving by an Evil Overlord.

There will also be an incentive story, for which there is currently a poll to pick a setting for.
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[personal profile] aldersprig has opened her November call for writing prompts. This month's theme is Family. Make a prompt and receive 150-300 words written to your prompt.

As an incentive she is also posting a continuation of one of her Fae Apocalypse stories which had previously ended with a mother and her two children coming upon one of the injured Fae invaders while fleeing from the city they lived in. The original story is included as the opening of the incentive post.

Meanwhile I have made an outline for three linked Fez-Kitty stories from prompts to my Rebirth, Renewal, and Rediscovery call for prompts. These will be the next bits of writing that I work on.
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Hey everyone, [personal profile] aldersprig is calling for writing prompts on the theme of Spooks, Creeps, Ghosts, and Ghouls (also on Livejournal). At this time there are already six stories posted, plus an incentive story being posted in parts.

I've put in my prompts, but the 24 hour window of opportunity is almost halfway closed.

(Halloween Icon by Tod aka Djinni on LiveJournal, keep an eye out for his free icon days!)
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Let's here it for signal boosting. Inspired by a post on signal boosting the same by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith and spotting a mention of myself in a signal boosting post (LJ Link), here are some recent things online I recommend checking.

Here is a summary page for [personal profile] aldersprig's GenderFunk Giraffe Sale (LJ link) in which a call for writing prompts on, "a general theme of gender, sexuality, and how they go funky." Giraffe because any donations make will go towards purchasing awesome Giraffe print carpet.

[personal profile] jeriendhal has been doing writing to prompts as well. Here is a story about an aurora borealis display causing complications for two of his characters, Tez and Maria. No prior knowledge of the setting or characters needed. Or for something chillier (that last line, ack!), one done to the prompt, Finding a babysitter in a post-apocalyptic world.

Rae Bruner reminds us that pointy haired bosses exist in academia too in Monday's Dissonance comic.

Speaking of comics. There are 25 hours left to go in the Neotopia Collected Edition kickstarter. Surely there have to be more Neotopia fans out there. A fun fantasy-steampunk story set 800 years in the future. Originally publised by Antarctic Press in 2003, this kickstarter project would see it brought back in print in a single volume.

Finally, an illustration by Meeks of a Molly and Hel (LJ link)lead me to the journal Wonder City Stories which tells of life in a west coast city with a large superhero population. Many of the early posts are from the point of view of Megan, daughter of one of the world's best known super heroines, who isn't interested in becoming a hero herself and would love to escape her mother's shadow. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, I'm interested to see where it's headed.


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