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Dec. 2nd, 2013 06:23 pm
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Whew, so that was seven characters in roughly seven days. I'm going to take a week off from that but the week after... I'll either do another seven characters in seven days or perhaps seven posts fleshing out a setting. I might also come back and revise these characters and the setting. But not now.

This next week my big goal is writing more of The Unquiet Past, by Terinu fanfic which has been a long time idle. There won't be public posts of that for a while as I decided to hold off on posting again until it's complete (other than someone who will be getting to see the in progress pieces).

I've had thoughts of writing up a RP setting I'd tinkered with back in the 90s and early 00s which for lack of a better name showing up yet I've called Island Police. Take a dash of old, old memories of Hawaii 5-O (the original show), sprinkle on some anime influences, a bit of the Aria and Ironclaw RPGs. The setting is a cluster of islands covering a decent amount of space. Sadly all my old notes are gone, having either been in my head, on papers lost in moving, or on un-backed up drives. If I start rebuilding it I'll make certain there are backups.
lilfluff: A fennec fox boy pencil and paper in hand, showing off what he has written. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Writing)
Title: Rabbit Hole, part Two
Fandom/'verse: [personal profile] aldersprig's Addergoole
Rating/Warnings: A bit of cussing, a little fighting, accidental compulsions...
Previous parts: Part One (and on LJ)
Summary: The Law's don't care if you know what you're doing. Not the law of gravity, nor the Laws that effect the Ellehemaei fae...

A Rabbit Hole by Any Other Name ...

Ric hated to admit it, but a week later he was getting uncomfortably comfortable with the idea of living underground. If not for the other students, well some of them anyway, it would almost be paradise. Such as whichever of the jerks had just grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him away from the door to his math class. Oh come on! Not this class, I can already tell that I don't want Reid's attention!

"I hear you providing tutoring, that little guy? Well then, be a good tutor and give me your homework."

Click here to read more. Scroll down to avoid the fnord. )
lilfluff: A fennec fox boy pencil and paper in hand, showing off what he has written. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Fennec)
Title: Rabbit Hole, part One
Fandom/'verse: [personal profile] aldersprig's Addergoole
Rating/Warnings: Eek high school! (What, that's scary! None of the scarier parts of Addergoole in this part, part two on the other hand...)
Summary: The Law's don't care if you know what you're doing. Not the law of gravity, nor the Laws that effect the Ellehemaei fae...

Outside the rabbit hole...

Ric watched the tiny airport pass into the distance while the SUV he was in drove away. A good opportunity, right. Specialized boarding school, right. His grades weren't bad, they were good, but not the kind to get him into an exclusive private school. But those weren't the only type of so-called school that so-called parents sent teens to. His step-never-to-be-called-father Matthew had never liked him. The man never hit him, that would be too obvious, but this wasn't the first time Matthew had suggested boarding school. It was simply the first time his mother had agreed. The tip of the airport's tower disappeared and with it his remaining hope of escape.
Click here to continue down the rabbit hole and read the rest of part one... )
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This a Flashfic based on a prompt from [ profile] ravenswept's 30 Days of Flash Fiction Meme

My 30 Days of Flashfic Index Page

Day 20 - Prompt: Write a scene with the opening line “I hate you; I just want you to know that”

Setting: Terinu fanfic – The non-canon Five Springs Valley

A prequel to my unfinished fanfic story The Unquiet Past

Disclaimer: Insert std_disclaimer.h here. Yeah, seriously, it's fanfic, says so right above. Set in the world of the webcomic Terinu. Those allergic to furry should get over it realize that the main character is an alien anthropomorphic fox. And more reminiscent of Florence Ambrose in full "see this grin and beware of sharp pointy teeth" mode than Disney vixen Maid Marian and a "Let's break into a song routine." mood.

Doris Sharpears is Not a Happy Vixen

Caution, upset vixen under the cut... )
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Hola all,

Today I thought I'd provide some links to Good Stuff.

If you aren't following [ profile] haikujaguar's LJ you might not realize she's been posting a serial story Spots the Space Marine. One small outpost, one alien science advisor, and a horde of deadly alien crabs bent of bringing The War to the outpost. (BTW, today's her Birthday, a new reader and comments from the same would be a great gift, yes?)

I may only have written a few bits of mostly incomplete fanfic, but I've enjoyed listening to Writing Excuses and I've heard published authors say good stuff this podcast. What is writing excuses? It's a podcast about writing done by Brandon Sanderson (several books, and the author selected to finish The Wheel of Time), Dan Wells (author of "I Am Not A Seriel Killer"), and Howard Tayler (of the webcomic Schlock Mercenary). Or maybe I just like their tagline for the podcast, "Fifteen minutes long, because you're in a hurry, and we're not that smart."

Speaking of comics, at this year's Phoenix Comicon I picked up a copy of the Little Vampires little book. They're vampires, so surely they're scary. Then again they are only a few inches tall so only scary if you're a blood orange (shh, don't tell them it's not actually blood). Look at that page, are they not cute? Have I mentioned I have a weakness for cute stuff? Or that growing up we had a Blood Orange tree in the back yard?

Woo! And Wen Spencer just posted that she's got a contract for another Tinker book plus another fantasy.

I'd heard about the Bordertown series of books but haven't yet read any. That's going to be changing. There is a new Bordertown book coming out and Emma Bull read part of her story at this year's LepreCon. Now I just need to hunt down the earlier books...

Speaking of Emma Bull and having earlier mentioned a story being released serially online, take a look at Shadow Unit which has been described as "the best science fiction television show you aren't watching on TV". Shadow Unit is a television series about a special unit of the FBI, only while it was prepared as if a television program, has seasons and episodes, it's actually produced as written fiction posted to the Shadow Unit website. Here's a link to Emma's explanation of the origin of Shadow Unit

Oh yes, and my user icon? Done by Tod Wills, who I have mentioned before. He writes and draws a webcomic called Ekwara, works with Virmir on Crimson Flag and is even doing an adaptation of Dracula. And with all he is doing, he finds time to do Icon Days when all you need do to get a free icon is post a request before deadline (although using the paypal tip jar is certainly a Good Idea).
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I'll put my view short and sweet. The only damage I can see that fanfic has ever done to a published author or publisher is damage done not by the fanfic but by the author and/or publisher's reaction to it.

As for those who call it theft. Fine. Show me the novel sent back to the publisher because, "Some darn fanfic author went and wrote a fanfic and all the ink evaporated off the original book's pages." Show me the police report about the damage done to the author's front door when the fanfic author sat down to write and spectral thugs kicked in the door and started carrying off the author's notebooks. What? No such evidence? Well... Dang. Maybe you should start using a different word than theft. I mean, even the RIAA and MPAA are kinda-sorta thinking of abandoning the term piracy to describe the activities they complain of.

Expansion: Attacking fanfic is also self-destructive behavior in my opinion. There are the people who will watch your show's original broadcasts or buy the book in hardcover release. There are the people who will watch the reruns and buy the paperbacks. These are the people who will lend a copy of the first book in a series to friends, getting them to go out and start buying them as well. You know, you've got a word for them, customers. You've got a word for what you gain from them, money or profits.
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Well, I have skipped a number of writing opportunities that I shouldn't have, and I also went a little non-linear leaving some gaps in what I do have written. I do however have enough to post part 2A of The Unquiet Past. Which starts with a nightmare and then gives Doris a bit of a break (for now).

Disclaimer! "Caution! If you start a fanfic with a humorous disclaimer, people may well expect you to keep using humorous disclaimers!" "Hmm? Oh! You mean a 'someone else invented this universe' disclaimer? But I mentioned that in part 1. But it has been over two weeks. So listen up! Terinu is a really nifty webcomic with writing and art by [ profile] chaypeta. Fun action in space, interesting characters, Australia as one of the major powers of the far future Earth, fox-like aliens including the ever nifty ace pilot Ru-Ofanius 'Rufus' Brushtail, an orphan with a mysterious past, a threat thought defeated... Well, why are you still here, go read it. Finished? Okay, then here is my contribution. These are not the characters from the comic, rather it's my own imagining of a corner of the vulpine homeworld. Can't stand a story with anthropomorphic foxes in it? Well fie on you. Oh, and [ profile] jeriendhal first presented the Sharpears family in his Terinu prequel fanfic, in part 1 Doris was named Sharpear, obviously a failure on the part of the transciptionist. He has been chastened."

Ah, there. Thoroughly disclaimed, yes? Very well, The Unquiet Past part 2A under the cut.

The Unquiet Past: Part 2A in which Doris is troubled in her sleep and goes off script. )
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I am rather unlikely to reach 50k words by the end of the month. I only have just over 4k now and would need a to a touch over 3k a day for the rest of the month to hit 50k. But that doesn't mean that I'm giving up entirely. I'm just acknowledging the unlikeliness of reaching the NaNoWriMo goal.

That said, since posting part one I've got a dream (which is clearly a dream from the start, none of that "Oh my what's happening... psych, fooled you, just a dream sequence" nonsense from me), a little of the aftermath of the dream, and skipped ahead and did a portion of the school play (which will probably later be ruthlessly cut -- too much, "Look at the nifty background history I came up with," most of which can safely be trimmed).

After November I think I'll work out what my average daily output was and use that to help set a continuing goal. Then when next November hits I'll be better prepared.
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After debating for much of the day I decided to post the first portion. For anyone who skipped the previous post this is my unofficial nanowrimo effort (I haven't actually taken the time to set up an account at I spent the first several days working out who the characters were and a few of the major plot elements, which means that at my current words per day rate I will run well short of 50k words. I'll have to see how many words I manage on the weekend, and if I manage to keep modestly upping the words per day rate.

Warnings: This is a fanfic for those allergic to that, set in the universe of Peta Hewitt's ([info]chaypeta

) comic Terinu. Set on the world of Vulpine Prime, so yes, if you're allergic to furry the majority of the population are aliens who look like anthropomorphic foxes. For the rest of us, part one of the story comes under the cut.

{include: non-standard disclaimer} Terinu is a really cool and nifty webcomic. If you think my story is nice, go read the source material, it's even better. Fanfic written without prior approval or permission of Peta. She has been pretty cool about fanfic in the past however. Hey, she's nifty. Have I said to go read Terinu yet? Oh, but make sure you have time to work through the archives. Aren't Rufus and Melika made of awesome? The rest of the cast too, but hey, extra props to the Vulpine characters since this fic is set on their homeworld. Peta is of course free to ignore or use anything here as she likes. It's her sandbox, please don't send me home before cookie time, I wanna finally try a Tim Tam. (Silly grocery store put up a display bragging about stocking "Australia's Favorite Cookie" and stocked the entire display with packages nigh a month past the sell/eat by date). {end: non-standard disclaimer}

The Unquiet Past, Part 1 )
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...if your character never actually mentions the other character's name? Still in the opening of my nano, and have one character make an of hand reference to, "The Brushtail's pet digger," which as I think about it isn't really a nice way for him to refer to Lady Dorothea Bayard, AKA Aunt Dottie, archaeologist and family black sheep from [ profile] jeriendhal's Terinu fanfic Spin Recovery. He needed to make reference to someone known for studying pre-subjugation history, and hey, what do you know there might not be anyone mentioned in canon so far (that I recall being mentioned) but Dottie fits the bill (and is probably eccentric enough to be known). Which yes, means what I'm working on is also a Terinu fanfic. Or at least set in the same universe, most likely it won't involve any of the major characters.

Although hopefully my characters will be able to avoid running into addiction and loss of limbs like happened in Spin Recovery. Which isn't to say that they'll manage to avoid the involvement of law enforcement. Then again a story without troubles isn't going to be a very interesting story. For someone is going to be a very naughty boy, forcing my main character to take care of things when she'd rather not be on scene at all. ("Troublesome commoners and their silly celebrations, should never have accepted that offer of shore leave to visit home. Could have been in training, or doing paperwork, or getting shot at by pirates instead of this.")

Now to try and actually write past the opening scene...

EDIT: Hurrah, I do believe I now have a title. "The Unquiet Past"


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