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Ran across a fun new comic online. Well, new for me, it's actually been going two years now. It's called Atomic Laundromat as follows David, the non-super powered son of one of the greatest heroes of recent history and a former despotic empress (they become trapped in a pocket universe for several months during a battle, and upon emerging David's grandfather told his father, "You got my daughter pregnant? You're either marrying her or dying."). He's not upset to be the sole unpowered child of the family, true heroism comes from within after all, not from powers or a cape. And besides, someone has to be there to clean the costumes of the super-powered.

As the title suggests, a fair amount of the comic takes place in David's atomic powered laundromat. Where he is aided by his transforming robot (made from a washing machine of course). There's the love interest, who has no super powers (though she wants them very much) unless maybe you count super-lawyering. A powerful psychic who asks for a job at the laundromat. The duck that was part a bartered payment before David stopped accepting those.

Recent storylines include his younger sister's Sweet 16 birthday party (Who as a the child who is visibly showing alien heritage has been chosen as the heir to her mother's throne) and his father's facing a trial.

Oh. I gave two titles up there, didn't I? This comic is available in English as Atomic Laundromat and in Spanish as Super Lavandería.

Atomic Laundromat updating Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Super Lavandería actualizado lunes, miercoles, y viernes

Which is handy for someone who's trying to learn Spanish on their own. :) (And it's released under a creative commons license that would even allow potentially sharing any graphical flashcards made from it so long as they were offered on the same terms and had proper attribution)
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So, one of the webcomics I read is Misfile. The short sum-up of the story is this: "Once a slacker angel in heaven's records department was almost caught smoking a joint on duty. In his rush to clean up he shoved several files away without checking to see what drawer they went in. Unfortunately for him, while he didn't get caught violating the angelic say-no-to-drugs policy, he has been locked out of records due to a completely separate security crisis. Meanwhile, on down on Earth two teenagers wake up to discover side effects of their heavenly files being misfiled... Ash wakes up to discover that not only is he now a she, but that everyone remembers him always being a girl; while Emily is suddenly two years younger due two the last two years being dropped out of her folder before it was shoved back into the filing cabinets up in heaven."

Now, in some stories we would have seen someone try to molest Ash right at the start. Here it didn't happen until almost page 1800. Anyway, Ash has snuck over to visit Emily (who is currently grounded) and has told her about what happened. As a result Emily has decided to pass along some self-defense tips. Ash, really, she shouldn't have to tell you tip #3.

Fun webcomic. Just make sure you have plenty of time if you start. It has a sizable archive. Today's page is page 1,824 and while that includes cover pages and a few other non-story pages, that's still quite a few.
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This a Flashfic based on a prompt from [ profile] ravenswept's 30 Days of Flash Fiction Meme

My 30 Days of Flashfic Index Page

Day 20 - Prompt: Write a scene with the opening line “I hate you; I just want you to know that”

Setting: Terinu fanfic – The non-canon Five Springs Valley

A prequel to my unfinished fanfic story The Unquiet Past

Disclaimer: Insert std_disclaimer.h here. Yeah, seriously, it's fanfic, says so right above. Set in the world of the webcomic Terinu. Those allergic to furry should get over it realize that the main character is an alien anthropomorphic fox. And more reminiscent of Florence Ambrose in full "see this grin and beware of sharp pointy teeth" mode than Disney vixen Maid Marian and a "Let's break into a song routine." mood.

Doris Sharpears is Not a Happy Vixen

Caution, upset vixen under the cut... )
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From last week: Sandy returns to the shop to discover a certain young girl is visiting again. The girl actually shows up a few strips earlier, but if I keep going back I'll end up linking to the first page. :)

Then we finally discover the girl's name! And for those who didn't catch the previous storylines in which the girl appeared, you now know that she did not realize what she was in for the first time she showed up.

And finally today's page (As soon as it is no longer the newest page, use this link) the newish girl is given a rule from Sandy that I am not certain Doc would support. "Not a toy? What do you mean those aren't toys? Sure the ATF, DOD, and Homeland Security complain whenever we pull them out, but they complain about all the fun toys." Interestingly it looks like the girl agrees. I think she's going to fit in just fine.
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Like the icon on this post? He's one of my characters in the Mars Academy RPG, Pithani the student and student-librarian. He's a pretty serious student although he can be playful (he is one of the youngest students on campus), but in the library he's a serious guy.

He was drawn as part of [ profile] djinni's 5th Free Icon Day. You can see more of his icon day work at his post Every Icon Day. Just be sure your computer is ready to load 623 icons. :}

And if you like those, check out his comics Ekwara, Crimson Flag which he does with [ profile] virmir and Dracula which is based on the Bram Stoker novel.

This is also a sign of how watching nifty people can lead you to other nifty people, as it was a post by the also quite nifty [ profile] haikujaguar that first pointed me in his direction.

(And how nifty, the first LJ spam comment that I've caught myself... DEE-LEET!)
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Well, I have skipped a number of writing opportunities that I shouldn't have, and I also went a little non-linear leaving some gaps in what I do have written. I do however have enough to post part 2A of The Unquiet Past. Which starts with a nightmare and then gives Doris a bit of a break (for now).

Disclaimer! "Caution! If you start a fanfic with a humorous disclaimer, people may well expect you to keep using humorous disclaimers!" "Hmm? Oh! You mean a 'someone else invented this universe' disclaimer? But I mentioned that in part 1. But it has been over two weeks. So listen up! Terinu is a really nifty webcomic with writing and art by [ profile] chaypeta. Fun action in space, interesting characters, Australia as one of the major powers of the far future Earth, fox-like aliens including the ever nifty ace pilot Ru-Ofanius 'Rufus' Brushtail, an orphan with a mysterious past, a threat thought defeated... Well, why are you still here, go read it. Finished? Okay, then here is my contribution. These are not the characters from the comic, rather it's my own imagining of a corner of the vulpine homeworld. Can't stand a story with anthropomorphic foxes in it? Well fie on you. Oh, and [ profile] jeriendhal first presented the Sharpears family in his Terinu prequel fanfic, in part 1 Doris was named Sharpear, obviously a failure on the part of the transciptionist. He has been chastened."

Ah, there. Thoroughly disclaimed, yes? Very well, The Unquiet Past part 2A under the cut.

The Unquiet Past: Part 2A in which Doris is troubled in her sleep and goes off script. )
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After debating for much of the day I decided to post the first portion. For anyone who skipped the previous post this is my unofficial nanowrimo effort (I haven't actually taken the time to set up an account at I spent the first several days working out who the characters were and a few of the major plot elements, which means that at my current words per day rate I will run well short of 50k words. I'll have to see how many words I manage on the weekend, and if I manage to keep modestly upping the words per day rate.

Warnings: This is a fanfic for those allergic to that, set in the universe of Peta Hewitt's ([info]chaypeta

) comic Terinu. Set on the world of Vulpine Prime, so yes, if you're allergic to furry the majority of the population are aliens who look like anthropomorphic foxes. For the rest of us, part one of the story comes under the cut.

{include: non-standard disclaimer} Terinu is a really cool and nifty webcomic. If you think my story is nice, go read the source material, it's even better. Fanfic written without prior approval or permission of Peta. She has been pretty cool about fanfic in the past however. Hey, she's nifty. Have I said to go read Terinu yet? Oh, but make sure you have time to work through the archives. Aren't Rufus and Melika made of awesome? The rest of the cast too, but hey, extra props to the Vulpine characters since this fic is set on their homeworld. Peta is of course free to ignore or use anything here as she likes. It's her sandbox, please don't send me home before cookie time, I wanna finally try a Tim Tam. (Silly grocery store put up a display bragging about stocking "Australia's Favorite Cookie" and stocked the entire display with packages nigh a month past the sell/eat by date). {end: non-standard disclaimer}

The Unquiet Past, Part 1 )
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...if your character never actually mentions the other character's name? Still in the opening of my nano, and have one character make an of hand reference to, "The Brushtail's pet digger," which as I think about it isn't really a nice way for him to refer to Lady Dorothea Bayard, AKA Aunt Dottie, archaeologist and family black sheep from [ profile] jeriendhal's Terinu fanfic Spin Recovery. He needed to make reference to someone known for studying pre-subjugation history, and hey, what do you know there might not be anyone mentioned in canon so far (that I recall being mentioned) but Dottie fits the bill (and is probably eccentric enough to be known). Which yes, means what I'm working on is also a Terinu fanfic. Or at least set in the same universe, most likely it won't involve any of the major characters.

Although hopefully my characters will be able to avoid running into addiction and loss of limbs like happened in Spin Recovery. Which isn't to say that they'll manage to avoid the involvement of law enforcement. Then again a story without troubles isn't going to be a very interesting story. For someone is going to be a very naughty boy, forcing my main character to take care of things when she'd rather not be on scene at all. ("Troublesome commoners and their silly celebrations, should never have accepted that offer of shore leave to visit home. Could have been in training, or doing paperwork, or getting shot at by pirates instead of this.")

Now to try and actually write past the opening scene...

EDIT: Hurrah, I do believe I now have a title. "The Unquiet Past"
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One of the web comics I read, BattleGate has a new page up. Life had the artist delayed, but it looks like it's going active again.

Short version of the basic story: Marcko was sure his future was set for good things, he'd been serving as a military guard officer at a penal mining camp and soon he would have his promotion to captain; which would allow him to move on to better things. This was enough to let him keep his cool when one of the trouble making prisoners, Hugo, appeared before him. Hugo's a bit of an oddity, having been sent to the camp when he was merely eleven years old. Even odder no one's willing to say why Hugo was sent to this prison camp. Just in case Marcko might have overdosed on happy anticipation his commanding officer informs him he has one final assignment before being promoted. The King himself has order a parole for Hugo. Marcko simply needs to take the boy around on a journey and keep track of Hugo's behavior. If the boy behaves in two years Marcko gets his promotion and Hugo goes free. If Hugo doesn't show a reduction in trouble making who knows just what fate will befall him, but Marcko can wave goodbye to his hopes for his career.

Of course complications do set in, but for that you'll want to read the actual comic.
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Lancaster the Ghost Detective is a fun one. Lancaster is kind of like a ghost buster. Only, instead of frying the ghosts with unlicensed particle accelerators, he will generally try to convince the ghosts to just not cause trouble and move on if they are ready. On the other hand, if the ghost really is bad or simply has a bad attitude, he's quite ready to teach it mortals can smack them down.

Or at least he was confident in that when the series started. Then he ran into a dirty customer and a supernatural conspiracy that's first chased him out of his hometown of Northcod and then back again.

The series is currently on hiatus as the creator prepares for Lancaster's return home and confrontation. But not to fear, that doesn't mean there are no updates. A call went out a while back for people to send in suggestions for citizens of Northcod. During this hiatus a page is going up each day with a description and illustration of one of these neighbors of Lancaster's.

Lancaster the Ghost Detective, don't call him a ghost hunter...
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Spotted the quiz first, then started on the archives of The Wotch. Fun stuff.

Check out the test to find out who you are!
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From The Whiteboard, Doc completely misunderstands the phrase, "Fan Service." Still decides to give it a shot even if he can't understand why it might attract the young male demographic.
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I almost didn't go. My back has been aching worse the last few days, and I've been a little paranoid about my car after it had to go into the shop twice in such a short period of time. But, I had already requested Friday and Monday off. So I rested up Friday and went on Saturday.

I'm glad I did. In fact I now wish I has gone Friday evening as well. It was great. Hit a panel with the people behind Bushi Tales about inking comics. At their table I picked up a great T-shirt as well involving an inept samurai. There was also a fun panel involving Greg Weisman, Colleen Clinkenbeard, Sonny Strait, Michael McConnohie and Melodee Spevack. It was interesting to hear the differences between both voice acting and producing both dubbed anime and original American animation, and the differences in working in California and Texas. And of course there was plenty of "aaawwwwws" when Anizona's own Jackalope arrived mid-panel.

Unfortunately the materials hadn't made it for the BESM 3rd Edition presentation/demo game. But, I did get to have a badge portrait done by Katie Bair. One funny event, later on at the Con there was a badge check and it wasn't until afterward that I noticed that I had held up the badge that Katie Bair did rather than the convention badge. While waiting my turn to get the badge done I read through the first chapter of Katie's online comic Aesir Corp. Today I pulled it up online and read through the current strips. If you read Ninja High School: Hawaii, Aesir Corp. gives the characters Thor Smith and Lokki (Recent Son and Daughter of Thor and Loki respectively) their own series. Poor Lokki starts off the series by being sentenced to 3000 years in the Aesir Corp Correctional Penitentiary while Thor is the unwilling and uncooperative new CEO of Aesir Corp.

Sunday I could have hit a few panels, but stayed home instead and went out to lunch with my Sister and Mother. That was an excellent way to round out the weekend.

I requested Friday and Monday off for the next convention back when I requested these days off. Hopefully things will be doing well enough that I can go for the full weekend.
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It's a fairly low activity site, but Advanced Dimensional Green Ninja-Educational Preparatory Super-Elementary Fortress 555 has some of that quality known as niftiness. Perhaps one of these days they will finish the RPG suppliment (aparently they have run ADGNEPSEF555 games at conventions).

Rules of the Bus
1. Do not open/look out windows while bus is in dimensional transit.
2. Do not talk to or disturb driver.
3. Do not look directly at driver.
4. Do not read driver's nameplate.
5. Do not say driver's name three times in a row, even in your head.
6. No food or drinks.

"Yes, in general blasphemies which should not be are indeed ''Icky''."

Hmm. Actually there are new strips in the webcomic up since the last time I looked (admittedly a few months ago), so it is actually slowly updating and not outright frozen.
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Can you believe that despite having gone to the Van von Hunter site some months ago after reading the first print volume, and starting in on the strips that follow the events in the book, I hadn't noticed that the book doesn't start with the first strips. D'oh. And I mumble at work when people call in and haven't looked closely at what they're doing.

Nift! A whole new storyline, a prequel!

On another note, having been posted late Christmas eve, some may have missed my call for Anime and Manga viewing/reading suggestions. Especially cute stuff. So far it's largely an agreement that Merle isn't as annoying as popularly claimed.
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Wow, I wonder how many people had to jump to the Dela the Hooda archives to remember that she actually did have a fiance on Mhâr? I know I'd forgotten about that. Of course considering he showed up in only two strips with mention in three more after those (and back in 1998 to boot) it isn't that surprising people might forget about Tim.

Still is makes getting proposed to on Earth a situation for hard thinking.
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"You have Helen Narbon's spit??"
"We're the illuminati. We have everyone's spit."
(Why yes, I am enjoying the free archives)

BTW Dave, you never mentioned you show up in Narbonic twice.


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