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Day ten, on which I had visited Wikipedia again and ponder the realms of Tense, Aspect, and Mood&Modality. Also (probably) second to last of the posts involving already prepared material, which would make it the second to last where the numbering is even vaguely connected to the date. Next post hopefully cleaned up and posted later today.

Next post will also have more sentences and vocabulary. Yay sentences and vocabulary. Yay for up too late silliness. Er, right, insert the cut and past in text...

Langifying under the cut... )

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Continuing my backlog of unposted days (which is rapidly running low)... As was pointed out in my prior post, Language + February also condenses to Languary, so word formation says I'm not late finishing Languary. (technically correct, the best kind of correct) Clicky here for conlangy goodness )

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Here's day seven, which has been sitting on my laptop unposted. I have some more to post and then ack, Languary will slide into Langufeb. clicky here to continue reading )

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(Or yikes I need to get stuff typed up and posted)

In Which I Add Some Diphthongs

Diphthongs, or as wikipedia tells us also called gliding vowels, were something I left for later on day three. Here are the put off decisions on dipthongs:

  • A full dipthong should be pronounced with the length of a long vowel.
  • A list of diphthongs (The "̯ " symbol says that the second vowel is not syllabic):
    • au /aʊ̯/ as in loud or lout
    • ai /aɪ̯/ as in high
    • ou /oʊ/ as in goat or code
    • ei /eɪ̯/ as in face or vein
    • ? /ʌɪ̯/ as in light
  • That ? is that I'm now trying to decide how to represent the ʌ, preferably with something that can be easily typed.
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(Note: Hey, it turns out you can use markdown to format posts on Dreamwidth by simply making the very first line "!markdown". Now we'll find out how that shows up when crossposting...)

Languary 2016

Languary Day One

What's Languary?

click here to read more conlanging stuff )

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Hello everyone interested in playing a game of Lexicon,

I now have a wiki up at for the game to take place on. Right now it's the absolute bare bones (literally installed, given a title, and an admin account created) but more is coming, and quite soon. Three cheers for dokuwiki, once my ISPs nameservers finally believed the subdomain existed I was able to do the basic setup in bare minutes.

So now we just need a final roll call of who is interested in playing and whether we want to go with the default default rules or variant rules. The Rule of X looks like a good optional rule to pull in.

Note: To avoid wikivandals the server isn't set up to allow open registration. Accounts will be created for those who are participating.


Dec. 7th, 2014 02:07 am
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So Thursday I asked if anyone would be interested in a game of Lexicon. Three people have responded so I think we've got enough to start (but more are welcome to jump in!). Just a few questions first...

  • Lexicon looks like it works best with a wiki... and I just noticed that the wiki hosting service I have an account on no longer provides free non-education wikis.

    • I don't mind people recovering operating costs and making a profit but seriously, $50 for the lowest cost plan?

    • Wikia brings my browser to its knees if I have Javascript on so it's not my first or second choice for an alternate wiki host.

    • Anyone have a suggested service? I could potentially set up a wiki on a subdomain of, but that would likely delay things.

  • Lexicon starts off with only a broadly brushed theme, but I don't see any reason not to ask what general categories people are interested in. So what do you think, should this be a fantasy world? Science fiction? Previously unknown past?

    • ...Something else?

  • Shall we go for the baseline Lexicon or would you like to bring in one of the alternate rules?

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I've found myself wanting to do a Lexicon game recently, is there anyone else who would like to give it a go?
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I've been finding myself pondering making my own 2015 calendar. Currently I've been bouncing between page per day and page per week. There's of course the usual things you expect to see (name of the weekday, month & day of the month), but I've been considering other things that could be listed:

* Days until...
** NaNoWriMo
** the next major holiday
* The Week and Day numbers (ex: February 5th would be the 36th day of the year and in the 6th week of the year)
* Day/Month names in other languages...
* Non-US Holidays
* What the day is in different calendar systems
* Events you wouldn't find on mainstream calendars like the dates of various fan conventions

And of course space to put notes. Surprised how often there isn't space to put but the tiniest of notes.

If you were designing a calendar what would you put on it?
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There's enough cheese leaking from this folded over tortilla that I'm starting to think I might as well skip the tortilla and make chupaquesos.

Mmmm, crispy cheese.
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I had a sudden thought while (remainder of sentence purged for TMI). And that thought was this, there totally should have been an old school RPG in the 70s maybe early 80s that made use of some variety of custom slide rule.

How? Good question. Perhaps taking something along the lines of the rainbow chart in the old Marvel RPG (and IIRC third edition Gamma World) and instead of printing up a full page chart drop in a cheap plastic slip-stick. "Okay, it's this difficulty so I set the index here, I rolled this, so the result is blue... Woo!"

Yeah, like I say in the title, a geeky thought even considering we're talking about early table top RPGS.

Speaking of geeky things, this post is a fairly big hint as to the geeky birthday gift I bought for myself. It turns out that there's still at least one model of a student slide being made, and Think Geek has it on sale. :)
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The First Robotics Team 1432 web page has some updates:

  • There were in fact teachers willing to be the club sponsor, but the administration "talked" them out of it.

  • The local teachers union has stated that it did not object to the club paying a teacher to be the sponsor, a claim that the principal apparently made to try and push the blame for this on someone else

  • The school now says that it has sent much of the clubs money back to the sponsors. Something I'm sure would have the principal screaming bloody murder if someone did that with oh, say, donations to the football team.

They have apparently been approached with offers to assist in setting up as an independent 501-C-3 non-profit. However, even with assistance that will take time, which means they are most likely going to be unable to do anything for the rest of this year, and who knows how long into next year.
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The TL;DR summary: "Gee kids, nice FIRST Robotics Club. We'll let you have the robot since you whined so cutely, but we'll keep the computers and cash. Now scram. Get out of here you foolish nerds."

I was thinking that someone ought to warn Franklin High in Oregon that they might want to do something like reinstate the FIRST Robotics club (like the students will trust the school now) or let them have their funds and any of the tools and equipment that they purchased themselves back. That way at least the tone would change to "School shuts down club" instead of "School shuts down club and teaches kids to trust authorities to steal from them." But since this is now being passed along by people with national levels of attention, like oh, the Mythbusters crew, I think this now qualifies as starting to go viral.

Franklin High banishes its robotics club; may keep its cash
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O'Reilly books has posted a note on a new book out from No Starch Press, Land of Lisp which aims to teach the Lisp programming language by guiding you through programming some games.

I have to say, that sounds like more fun than most programming books.
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To: Every company in the world
Re: Data/Sync/Etc Cables

If your gadget needs a cable there is an answer for that. It is called USB. If for some reason you don't want to use USB there is FireWire. Or, if it makes sense you might use an external SATA cable.

If you use a proprietary cable then you are part of the problem. You may think you have a valid reason for using a proprietary cable. This most likely means you are actually in need of a clue-by-four applied vigorously to your backside.

If you use a proprietary cable then you need to have your IP stolen, your employees poached by other companies, and for your company to suffer the death of a thousand lawsuits.

Do I sound irked? I do hope so, because I am.

(Oh, and Apple, yes I'm looking at you as I type this)

Edit: And after finally getting the cable and copying the music over, I found the whole process annoying enough I spent money I shouldn't be spending to replace the whole thing. Picked up a SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ 8GB player. Double the capacity of the old nano, takes mp3s, ogg, jpegs, and video files (although I'm not entirely sure why I would want to watch video on a two inch screen). Good news: It uses a USB cable for syncing and charging. Bad-ish news: it uses a "micro-b" size USB cable. Good-ish news: Since this is what cell phones are moving to, I shouldn't have trouble picking up spares.
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Hola all,

I'm writing now before heading to bed after the first day of CopperCon. Or possibly Day Zero since it's pre-reg only. (BTW, as a complete aside, I think the 'trackpad on/off button is one of the best ideas I've heard of. When you're typing a lot on a laptop it's nice to be able to temporarily switch off the trackpad so you don't nudge it with a finger and suddenly find yourself typing on a new line. -- I know I saw a way to set Linux to automatically turn off the trackpad while the keyboard is in use, I need to look that up).

Watched a couple of panels, went out to dinner with some authors and assorted lackeys, henchmen, and minions. And now I'm going to try actually getting a full nights sleep to continue starting off the convention on the right foot. Sadly wireless signal in this room is pretty 'meh'.


Apr. 9th, 2010 04:19 pm
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If you haven't watched Patrick Jean's video Pixels yet, then do so, it is made of awesome and niftiness.

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I read a rather biting commentary on APS film once. Yes, film, that stuff people put in cameras to record pictures before the existence of SD cards. This person, it might have been Ken Rockwell, had a rather snarky view of the history of film formats. Their shorthand explanation for nearly everything was "Kodak feels amateurs are getting more film that they deserveneed so lets develop something smaller." Sheet film gives way to roll film, the early large roll film was shrunk to 6cm wide roll film 'for amateurs' (and ironically now viewed as a professional film format). 6cm is latched onto by the pros and the cheap stuff becomes 35mm film, using a format developed for movie cameras, just with the frame rotated 90 degrees (except on nifty half-frame cameras like the early non-digital Olympus Pens that the new Olympus micro4/3 cameras are named and ever so loosely styled after).

Only a funny thing happened. After hitting 35mm, the average person said, "That's small enough for me." Leading to Kodak banging its head against the wall repeatedly trying to move people down to something smaller. Disc cameras (because the average person obviously wants something smaller and is scared by having to position the film leader over sprockets)... Which died. 110 with its mini-cartridges. And eventually APS.

Ah, APS, where your frame had less than half the area of a 35mm frame, so they had to use superior film to keep a level of quality that people would accept. Only of course nobody was going to keep those film improvements for APS, they migrated to 35mm so the cameras that most people had could see a bump in image quality. Which is not to say APS didn't have some nice features, it did. The film had a coating that could record information magnetically. So cameras could record what frames had been exposed, want to change from color to black and white? Retract the film back into the cassette and pop in the B&W cassette, when you swap film again the camera can auto-advance to the first unexposed frame. It could also record on the film what aspect ratio you wanted, Normal, Wide, and panoramic. The date and camera settings could potentially be recorded magnetically onto the film for each frame. There was the previously mentioned higher resolution film stock. Markings on the cassette told you at a glance whether the roll was new, partially exposed, fully exposed, or developed (developed film was to be put back in the cassette for dust free storage).

None of the APS developments really required shrinking the film to below 35mm size. That was a decision made to allow for smaller cameras. So what if the smaller camera idea was put by the wayside and the camera companies said, "Let's do something that will get everyone excited with all around easily seen improvements." Take the improved film and cassette developments and instead of shrinking the film, bump it up by one measly little centimeter.

That doesn't sound like much does it. One centimeter. Slightly more than a third of an inch. Here is the thing, a normal 35mm camera frame is roughly 24x36 mm, or 864 mm^2 in area. Bump the narrow measure up by one centimeter and keep the same aspect ratio and you get a 34x51mm frame, or 1734mm^2 which is twice the area of the original frame. Considering that they had developed higher resolution films to make up for the smaller area of the original APS, giving a doubling ought to have allowed for quite a bit of marketing fun. Imagine an ad showing a 35mm picture blown up to poster size, and next to it a picture make on the new film. Visible grain on one, barely visible grain on the other (never mind that posters aren't normally viewed at one step away).

It would have essentially been an APS version of medium format film vs 35mm film. It would also likely have still allowed cameras that were nearly the same weight as 35mm vs the exercise equipment that medium format can be. And it might well have allowed film companies to add a few more years of mainstream success versus digital cameras. Probably no more than five even in an idea world. When people were buying 2 megapixel cameras it wasn't because they thought the image quality was matching their film-SLR, it was for the other advantages that digital had. But a more accessible medium or near medium format film might have kept the film market healthier for longer by giving people more of a reason to stick with film.

Or even stuck with the same film size and brought in everything else that APS had. That would possibly have been even more successful than shrinking or growing the film size. Those both would involve developing new lenses and camera bodies. a 35mm-APS version could probably have been made from nearly any 35mm camera body with only few changes. Nikon and Canon could have even done will with 35mm-APS SLRs by letting people keep using their existing lenses (even in a world with $12,000 DSLRs your real investment quickly becomes the lenses and not the camera body. There are plenty of lenses that could $1-2000 and up, and way, way up for specialty lenses).

Just some thoughts that popped to mind and quickly outgrew twitter posting size...
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My Google-Fu is failing me. Possibly about two years ago I ran across a quiz that was supposed to decide whether you were worthy to be allowed on the internet. I recall one of the questions had to do with proper use of the apostrophe. I think another may have involved whether or not to replay to a chain/virus-warning email. If you passed the test it welcomed you to the internet and if you failed informed you that you were not yet smart enough for the internet. Now I want to show it to someone, but I can't figure out where the heck it is...

Spaceballs this evening. I'm planning on going, anyone else? I was going to ask people over IM, but I haven't been online away from work much this past week. If others are going, would you rather hit the 6:30 or 8:35? Should we eat somewhere before the movie or will it be the full theater experience with pricey hotdogs and pop corn?

Here is the original Spaceballs post on the THEM Community.


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