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Day ten, on which I had visited Wikipedia again and ponder the realms of Tense, Aspect, and Mood&Modality. Also (probably) second to last of the posts involving already prepared material, which would make it the second to last where the numbering is even vaguely connected to the date. Next post hopefully cleaned up and posted later today.

Next post will also have more sentences and vocabulary. Yay sentences and vocabulary. Yay for up too late silliness. Er, right, insert the cut and past in text...

Langifying under the cut... )

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Continuing my backlog of unposted days (which is rapidly running low)... As was pointed out in my prior post, Language + February also condenses to Languary, so word formation says I'm not late finishing Languary. (technically correct, the best kind of correct) Clicky here for conlangy goodness )

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Post One of my World Building Month project

Setting: The Unnamed/Lost Colony (Setting for the Jayce & Izzy stories, the stories set an undetermined period of time later starting with Hello, and Welcome Back which involves two entirely separate planets)

Faster Than Light Travel and implications thereof in the Unnamed/Lost Colony Setting

Welcome Back opens with the captain of the Williamson's Hope being informed they'll need to make repairs to, "the starboard array," or it will fail the next time they try to make an FTL jump. Clearly this array has been giving them trouble as he's informed that they used up the last of the spare parts the last time they made repairs. Tough luck, but since this is the first FTL ship built by the New Albany colony it's only to be expected that they'll have issues, right? But what's the biggest issue? The Williamson's Hope just isn't big enough. In a followup to Welcome Back which is sitting unfinished one of the locals comments that the Williamson's Hope is smaller than they thought an FTL ship could be built.

Almost seven hundred words of rambling below this cut... :) )
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So via [personal profile] aldersprig I learned that [personal profile] piratekitten has declared February to be World Building month. Very well, it's almost a week in and I'm recovering from being ill, but I accept the challenge.

I've already decided on the first post, but if you have any question for any of my settings feel free to leave a question. (my in need of updating writing landing page, my 2013 Writing Review post, and my writing subject tag).


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