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Title: (untitled)
Fandom/'verse: Random fantasy
Summary: Nicolai of Quick and Dirty continues to irk his professor...
Prompter: [personal profile] aldersprig's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt for 23 October 2014, Piece of Cake
Triggers/Warnings: None noticed
Note: Mostly unedited. Not a direct continuation, but will likely make more sense if Quick and Dirty is read first.
Words: 220

"Mr Nicolai, what do you have on your desk?"

"Cake, Professor Charwick."

"Cake?" The professor spoke doubtfully while starring at the gray lump on Nicolai's desk. "Have you used leftovers from lunch to make this as well?"

A scattering of laughter met this until Charwick turned his stare on the rest of the class. Nicolai shook his head and didn't wait for the laughter to stop before answering.

"No Professor."

The professor turned back to him and stared until Nicolai continued.

"It is mostly ash and coals from the fireplace, with enough water to hold it together." Still under the stare he kept going. "I was planning to try and transmute it to chocolate."

"It was not sufficient to teleport yourself using a self designed circle make from table scraps, now you plan to test your skill at transmutation by eating the result?"

"Not unless it looked and smelled right. Might give some to Jams first."


"Mister Nicolai, Jamsa, see me this evening about your new detention."

Later that evening Nicolai returned with his room and detention-mate.

"So how long this..." Nicolai's words died when he spotted several buckets of ash on his desk. "Didn't you think it was a stupid idea?"

"It is. However, to answer your question it will last until you are successful with the transmutation."

Date: 2014-10-29 02:42 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jecook
... Nicolai hasn't fully learned the First Rule of Magic, has he.


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