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First, I'd write two checks and pay off my remaining debts. Call it $990,000 left after this, rounding down to the next lowest $5,000 to simplify things. Rounding the remaining to nearest $5,000 as well.

$15,000 into checking as pure indulgence money.
$10,000 for a nice laptop and a nice desktop computer system.
$10,000 budgeted for car work. Take it to the shop and say, "If it even looks funny, fix it." I've got a good shop that hasn't burned me in the past, your mileage might very.
$10,000 and pay next years rent lump sum (Good management at the apartment, so I'm willing to do a year. But I would ask if I could get a discount for paying a year in advance.)

That leaves... $945,000. This all gets split into two investments. One timed to become available in time to pay taxes (You do realize if someone hands you a check for $1,000,000 you will have to pay taxes on it, right?) and the other locked up for at least a year. In that year I can start reviewing financial advisors, but my goal for the remaining money would be simple: Invest it, and only ever touch a portion the the interest. Let's say after taxes, fees, etc, there's $400,000 left. 3% pulled out a year, split over twelve months would be $1,000 per month. Hopefully the investment portfolio makes better than 3%, which means that monthly payment will go up over time.

Oh, and sorry as yet hypothetical children. In the also hypothetical event that I was given a million dollars out of the blue, you would not inherit it when I die. Depending on their ages a trust fund to pay for insurance and assist with education and a moderate lump sum, but the majority would get turned over to some form of charitable trust. Indeed, once you hit a certain level of assets accumulating more seems rather meaningless (would I really be happier with $200,000,000 than I would be with $10,000,000?). So if I did well enough said charitable trust could exist before I died rather than waiting.
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In other problematic news, I keep having conversations like this with my sense of entitlement.

Me: Woohoo! The store card is paid off, zero balance!

SoE: Hey, cool, you know what this means?

Me: What?

SoE: We could buy an awesome new computer!

Me: Wait, what? This one works just fine.

SoE: Did you know they sell laptops with four core processors now? That's eight simultaneous threads! Ooh! This one has seven and a quarter hours of battery life!

Me: I said, this one works just fine! How much does that cost any-- what! No, I'm not dropping 2K on a new laptop!

SoE: Seven hours of--

Me: NO! I just paid that card off. The whole point is to get to zero debt. Not get deeper in debt.

(SoE uses puppy eyes. Puppy eyes attack fails.)

Me: No. Maybe once everything is paid off. But not now.

SoE: If I wait can I have a laptop with an eight-core processor?

Me: Maybe.

SoE: Yay! (SoE does a Happy Dance!)
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Money sucks. No, scratch that. Bills suck, suck the money right out of your wallet.

So, things I am doing to save money.

1) I've started my Defeat the Oil Industry plan. Otherwise known as walking more. Quite a few places we've been driving to that are actually in walking distance. I can stretch a tank of gas out longer this way. There's also the benefit of helping to stop regaining formerly lost weight.

2) Bringing lunch from home. CostCo and Smart & Final have some really nice deals on sandwich fixings. I can make my own salami and cheese sandwiches on sourdough rolls for less that the cafe at work or local restaurants want. Being a picky eater I also have the advantage of knowing exactly what went in it. I should try making more than just sandwiches. Vac-sealed speghetti? Maybe some stew? If the last working toaster oven at work hadn't been replaced with a slot loading model I could make little homemade pizzas. (Of course the last would probably result in my being lynched by hungry coworkers)

3) Cutting back on book purchases. This one's painful even if I'm having trouble sticking to it. But the library does have plenty of books. I even happened to find a copy of Rod Espinosa's The Courageous Princess while looking for another book. Of course now this means I looked up what it would cost to get my own hardcover copy. (Hmm, maybe with Christmas funds)

4) Related to #2, bringing in breakfast. Did you know you can get a giant bag of generic raisin bran for under for less than what I was paying for the little boxes and a thing of milk each morning? Still have to get the milk for it, but that's a little bit more saved. It also means I don't have to hope that one of the varieties I like will be left.

But, looking at what's left of the last paycheck, I probably ought to do more. For one thing we go out to eat too often. I really ought to be making dinner at home more often. I've read a few people discussing making homemade pizza crusts, parbaking them, and then freezing them to use like store bought crusts. That would probably be much cheaper than the local shops. Could possibly even pre-make little hamburger's to put on little rolls.

This has been an episode of Yet-Again Up-To-Late Theatre, presenting Whining About Money. The next episode should be expected with the next paycheck. Thank you, be sure to tip your waitress.
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While slipping quarters into the laundry machine I noticed one of the coins looked a little different. Turns out it's not a quarter but a piso. "Republika NG Pilipinas 1 piso" on one side, "Bangko sentral NG Pilipinas 1993" on the other side.

Taking a moment to look up the conversion... Well, according to Google one PHP is worth just under two cents. On the other hand it gives my collection of foreign coins one more member, so I'm not going to complain.


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