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Title: (untitled)
Fandom/'verse: Random fantasy
Summary: Two students attempt to escape detention...
Prompter: [personal profile] aldersprig's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt for 16 October 2014, Quick and Dirty
Triggers/Warnings: A few expletives
Note: Mostly unedited.
Words: 309

"I can't believe we've still alive."

"You know a, 'thank you, I'm sorry for doubting,' would be nice about now."

"Doubting? Doubting! You're nuts!"

"It was perfectly valid magic, sound in every principle."

"You made a circle from pasta!"

"And why not? Was I supposed to ask for a brush and a bottle of silver ink with lunch? Spaghetti's made from long thin strands, perfect for the job. It's not like the overcooked mess was good for eating. Better to make the circle and runes with it."

"What about the mustard?"

"Don't tell me you're still upset I took the packet from you."

"No, I'm upset because you put it on me!"

"Simple similarity and contagion. Some on us, more for the symbols representing us, and tossing the packet out of the cage helped cement the destination."

"But... It's stupid! You used lunch and pocket trash, it's the stupidest magic I've ever heard of!"

"If it's stupid and it works it isn't stupid. Now let's get out of here before... damn."

"Well boys, leaving detention early?"

"No! No, of course not, it's all his fault!"

"Charming, see if I help you with anything again. Yes, Professor Charwick, as you invited us to try if we dared, I dared."

"I see." The tall and sharp featured Charwick lead them both back towards the cage he used for detentions. Back there the smell of smoke from the charred circle and runes was much stronger. The professor pulled a large key from his jacket and unlocked the front swinging it open with a screech of protesting hinges. "Back in Jamsa, after all you said you have no intention of leaving early. Not you Nicolai, you will sit here and write down exactly what you did and explain just how foolish you were. Prove you don't need a second detention to learn better."


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