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This year I wrote just over 119,000 tracked words. Nearly half of those were produced during April's Camp NaNoWriMo, in a largely seat of the pants written telling of Leslie McCormack's experiences after being tossed into another universe (I have revised and posted a little of that). Posted fiction this year included:

  • Knotted Handkerchief, in which a young woman inherits a family mystery.

  • Tonya (Tries to) Hide, in which fugitive and super powered Tonya tries hiding in a vacation cabin.

  • Just Purrfect, in which Nicholai and Jamsa make a return. With Jamsa seeking his roommate's help with a bit of Halloween magic.

  • If You Have Me, Why Do You Need Them?, wherein a young slave is confused about his owner's intentions.

  • Consequences, taking place on the evening of Halloween with Jamsa facing the consequences of his prior actions.

  • Untitled first entry of Wolf Boy, an injured young werewolf discovers he's not alone.

  • Cody's Dream, Cody, a character from Addergoole Year 9 has a prophetic dream.

  • Leslie McCormack and the Story Without A Title
    • Part 1A, The R.O.B.'s Revenge or Leslie McCormack's Last Night on Earth

    • Part 1B, Leslie McCormack Thinks It's All A Dream

    • Part 1C, Leslie McCormack Would Like To Wake Up Now. Please?

    • Part 2A, Leslie McCormack Is Stuck On Other-Earth

Additionally I started a series of webcomic reviews:

  • Webcomic Comments #1: Twin Dragons, which as the title suggests is about a pair of dragon twins, brother and sister Kai and Kaya. The two live in a world much like ours accept that around 16 years earlier one in a thousand births began resulting in children who were partly animal in appearance. Dog people, cat people, or in our protagonists case dragon people.

  • Webcomic Comments #2: Champions of the Melting Pot.Young Xero has a problem, it's finals time and his mother wants to know when he's going to get a job. Okay, Xero has two problems, finals, mom asking about a job, and utter boredom. Right, three problems. Thankfully the plot is prepared to help with two of those... The IGSF is prepared to help with the job problem when they decide Xero has the appearance of a protagonist.

  • Webcomic Comments #3: MAiZ. The adventures of Meli, a young woman who has set out on an archaeological quest and a boy named Jaz. Who she isn't certain about at first as he's wearing a mask to hide his strange appearance.

Unfortunately right about the time I was writing the third I became ludicrously sick. If you must get ill I recommend catching a cold that has no need for attached adjectives unless those adjectives are things like minor or brief. Especially don't catch anything that involves adjectives like ludicrous or lasting. After three not-at-all fun weeks the rhythm I'd started to build up was busted and I never did continue on to a fourth review. Webcomic Comments is something I plan to pick up again in the coming year.

I've been continuing to practice playing the guitar and I'm starting to actually feel comfortable with it. Sometime in this coming year I may actually feel comfortable playing something for others. I've gone from a Yamaha Acoustic to that and a used Fender Stratocaster with an amplifier and a few peddles. I've been pondering a ukulele or travel guitar for something I can take with me and practice when I'm not at home. Ukes can be had inexpensively and a used travel guitar doesn't need to cost much.

Plans for 2018:

  • Keep writing. I've even made a list of specific projects to keep working on or pick up again. There will undoubtedly be new things as well.

  • Keep up with my guitar practice. Get good enough that I don't cringe at the thought of playing where others can hear.

  • Let 2018 be the year I engage in some serious concalendaring. The calendar equivalent of conlanging's playing with language.

  • Do some Seven Days Of projects: Seven Days of Characters, Seven Days of Setting Creation, etc.

  • Still looking to lose some weight

  • Probably no conventions in 2018 unless maybe towards the end of the year. It's just not in my budget.

  • Pick up my camera again.

  • Pay down debts (glares in general direction of 2016's car accident)

  • Continue to give to others. Thankfully Patreon backed down on their changes so I haven't had to abandon supporting others there. But I'll be looking at other services and seeing what else is in use by people I'd be interested in helping to support the works of.

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