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From [personal profile] aldersprig's post, who got it from [ profile] scribble_myname:

What it says on the tin: When you see this, post three lines from three wips you have

In which Tonya proves to be a bit of a jerk:

"Yeah, well at least you've still got a home to run to. My own mother threw me out."

"Right. What kind of problem does a normie girl have? Mom walk in on you kissing your boyfriend?"

"No, she screamed that I was a tainted freak--"

"They're grabbing us and the teachers aren't doing anything! Aren't you scared?"

"Why should I be? Yolanda's awesome, Niassa's nice, Lemon makes awesome cookies, Wylie's actually decent for a boy, and Oli... well four out of five isn't bad. So even if I lost the change lottery at least I won the keeper and crew lottery."

Rhett slowly approached the building, sticking to the driveway to avoid the brown clumps of dried weeds and who knew what living within them. "I don't know. We could knock it down, spread some gravel, and put up a cluster of yurts. Just think of the hipster cred."

"Guys, I wouldn't have brought you out here if it was that bad. The inspector said it's still structurally sound. Sure it needs work but with a little help we can do most of it ourselves. My cousin will give us a good deal since I'm family."
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