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A Writing Index and Landing Page

Partway through 2011 I started semi-regularly writing short snippets of fiction, over time this has build up to where it can take a while to hunt down something I wrote previously. That calls for... An Index and Landing Page! I am putting this together initially as a single page. The remainder will likely soon go under a cut. Post-Dating to the end of 2013 to keep it at the top of the recent posts page. Indexes first, followed by a setting list.

30-Day Writing Projects:

  • Using Ravenswept's 30 Day list: LJ Link, (No DW copy currently)

  • Using Aldersprig and KC_Obrien's 30 Day list: LJ Link, DW Link

Prompt Calls:

Further links under this cut )
lilfluff: On of my RP characters, a mouse who happens to be a student librarian. (Librarian Pithani)
It's been too long since the last prompt call so here is...

the Late April Early May Prompt Call

The theme: Alternatives

This prompt call's theme comes from [personal profile] rix_scaedu's suggestion, "If you have X, why do you need Y?" Feel free to interpret the theme as you wish, it should inspire you as well as inspiring me.

Prompts may be independent or draw on either of my uncompleted bingo cards:

The inevitable rules and guidelines:
  • I will pick a prompt from each prompter and write at least 100 words (seriously, I rarely write less than that, tiny flash is hard!). No guarantee of a full scene or story but prompts that catch my interest and inspire are likely to go further.

  • Fanfic prompts will likely be skipped in favor of others unless I'm familiar with the original.

  • Yes, prompts based on prior work of mine are quite welcome.

  • No porn requests please. A: I don't want to need to age-lock posts. B: You won't get much porn-with-plot in a few hundred words.

  • Each prompt should consist of:
    • A short sentence or phrase (and pointer to bingo card if drawing from one), and/or

    • A story or scene you'd like to see more of, and/or

    • A character you'd like to see more of

  • Prompts are free. (But I am open to paypal/word-count-bartering if you'd like to see more beyond the initial prompt response)

  • My out of date writing landing page

  • My writing tag to see previously posted work

  • (There is no ninth bullet point)

  • Bonus: I will add an extra hundred minimum words for prompters who haven't left prompts on previous prompt calls (minimum 200 words).

  • And I will do a second prompt for sharing a link to the prompt call.

  • There is no closing date at this time. When I pick a date to close the prompt call I will revise this page to list it here.

  • When the prompt call is closed I will add a note to that effect to the top of this entry.
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It was nigh inevitable, I've generated a bingo card using the bingo card generator I posted about earlier today (link found via [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's post yesterday. I selected multiple of the pre-supplied lists and tossed in a list of my own.

    I'll go ahead and stealborrow (with a little modification) some of [personal profile] aldersprig's bingo methodology here.
  • Pick a square and offer me a prompt based on that square. For example: "Forgotten: a student arriving for boarding school finds his name isn't on the list," could have been a prompt to produce Thomas Daniel.

  • I will write at least 100 words to the first prompt.

  • This is a bingo card, so prompts in the same row/column as previously written prompts will have an advantage. But an enticing prompt will likely catch my attention anywhere.

  • I don't guarantee a full scene/story, only 100 words. That said, I've found I rarely stay at a mere 100 words if something interests me. (Are you a stranger who isn't sure what I'm interested in? Check my writing tag, or any of the tags.)
  • additional notes and card underneath the cut )
lilfluff: A fennec fox boy pencil and paper in hand, showing off what he has written. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Writing)
I'll have to update the landing page with the items that aren't on it yet, but tomorrow after I've had sleep. And now my list of last year's fiction writing... (Where not otherwise indicated, links are to Dreamwidth posts)

2013 Fiction Writing in Review

Word Count according to my tracking spreadsheet: 41,788 (avg 114 words/day)

    Independent One-Offs (so far)
  • Thanks Royce, or Dragons on the Mind (LJ link) a brief snippet of an idea that came to mind. A girl showing up for parent teacher night not with her mother, but her mother's boss The Dragon. So far follow-up attempts have failed to come together.

  • Mecha Hero? (LJ link, dA link) A mecha pilot volunteers only to have the war end before his training does.

  • Perfect Escape (on dA) Doc Despair is tired of constantly fighting the super heroes, so he sets in motion a plan to escape their attention... (a partial rewrite has been made but not completed).

  • Long Live the King. A scrapped followup to 2012s Surrender (LJ link). Bleh. May eventually give another try to writing a followup to that, but this wasn't it.

    Tonya, AKA Circuit Bender, AKA The Sparkler
  • Ice Cream (LJ link, dA link) Tonya runs across an acquaintance from the bad (not-so) old days.

  • There is an additional incomplete follow up a few days/weeks after Ice Cream, which will hopefully be finished this year.


    Seven days of characters created using FATE Core, with short snippets involving them.

  • Johnny Romero (LJ link) Hero of the Trantin invasion of Earth, and captain of the Sky Patrol ship Silver City.

  • Denise De Haven (LJ link) Primary pilot of the Silver City and taskmaster of the Pilot Cadets.

  • Rav (LJ link) Exiled Trantin who once almost killed Johnny and now follows him serving out a debt of honor.

  • The Professor (LJ link) A professor of SCIENCE! One of Johnny's former professors who now serves as an advisor on the Silver City.

  • The Kid (LJ link) An orphan who stowed away on the Silver City to see a bit of the universe in the time she has left.

  • Bethlyn, head of security (LJ link) Haunted by the past Bethlyn is driven to train her people to perfection.

  • Wanda: The Reporter (LJ link) Embedded gonzo journalist on the run from her family's reputation.

    In other people's playgrounds
    (Content warning: while I don't think these two items should be problematic, Addergoole has content that may bother/offend some such as mind control, slavery, and abusive relationships)
  • That Girl Thursday: Cody (LJ link) a few paragraphs describing Cody sh'Leyla cy'Caitin oro'Yolanda, aka that girl who somehow remained (mostly, usually) happy even after Addergoole started revealing its secrets. Even if (as with most students) the school was not at all what she expected. Arguably happier at Addergoole than she was at her old school.

  • Guest Story: How to Trap a Cody (on in which Cody finally finds her way to Addergoole's library.

  • There was another guest story, but it was emailed way late (and might have run afoul of spam filters). On the other hand that's an opportunity to give it another editing pass and maybe split it up into a few smaller pieces.

  • Unfinished/unposted: Down the Rabbit Hole/We Did What?! Part Three. Hopefully to be finished this year.

    Unfinished items (other than those mentioned above)
  • I tinkered with a few pieces in a shared universe setting called Fenspace, none of which have yet been completed.

  • I also at long last started on the third part for Unquiet Past. Hopefully returning to working on it soon.

  • Started two attempts at following up Oops (on LJ), AKA 30 Days prompt 12 A Scene in a Sushi Bar, AKA the one with a touch of mpreg.

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Here's a snap poll (in the please leave a comment sort, not the check a ticky-box sort) for anyone seeing this:

I've decided to post a character a day for the next seven days (starting with today). A short character summary, and FATE Accelerated stats (because hey, the FATE system is nifty). I'm thinking it would be fun to have the characters be connected in some way so here's a chance to influence me. What type of setting would you like to see me make characters for? Pulp science fiction? Fantasy? Mission Impossible/Leverage type series? Something completely different?

Even if it's towards the end of the week when you read this, go ahead and comment. I might keep doing this.


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