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A Writing Index and Landing Page

Partway through 2011 I started semi-regularly writing short snippets of fiction, over time this has build up to where it can take a while to hunt down something I wrote previously. That calls for... An Index and Landing Page! I am putting this together initially as a single page. The remainder will likely soon go under a cut. Post-Dating to the end of 2013 to keep it at the top of the recent posts page. Indexes first, followed by a setting list.

30-Day Writing Projects:

  • Using Ravenswept's 30 Day list: LJ Link, (No DW copy currently)

  • Using Aldersprig and KC_Obrien's 30 Day list: LJ Link, DW Link

Prompt Calls:

The Unnamed Colony World
Post Western-Civil War:

  • Hello (LJ only), Day 1 of the first 30-Days prompt list. The college students receive a refugee child to foster.

  • Sweet and Sour Market, in which young Thomas must risk heading into the outside world with Richard and Melissa.
  • Music Therapy, in which Alicia finds a way to encourage Thomas to work hard and come out of his shell.

  • Called to School, a reminder for the characters that kids are kids and things will only go smoothly for so long.

  • Train Station - At the start of a school break, Thomas and Alicia see off Melissa and Richard who are traveling home. (LJ Link)

Pre-Western Civil War:

  • Family Politics - A member of the ruling families, Jayce wakes to discover that even as a teenager he can still fall prey to the current struggle over who will lead the family. (Not on LJ account)

  • Izzy - The morning after Family Politics, this time from Izzy's point of view. Rather in need of editing/rewrite. (Not on LJ account)

  • The Talk - In which Jayce realizes to his discomfort that no one has ever given the birds and bees talk to Izzy. (LJ Link)

  • The Next Morning - Jayce and his aunt have a discussion on household policy... (LJ Link)

Tales of the Mascot
Kyle thought his only problems would be homework, preparing for college entrance paperwork, and collecting enough money for his comics, SF&F, and anime fix. Then The-Powers-That-Be sent him off to a fantasy world not to save the day but to guide the heroes who would do so.

Circuit Bender, nee Kid Sparkler, nee Tonya Thompson
A mutant super-character, kidnapped by a super-villain as a kid Tonya's first story opens with the teenage Kid Sparkler turning in the rest of the group, only to be betrayed in turn..."

Galactic Academy
Earth has been invited to join the rest of the galactic civilization. As a token of good will the dominant civilization even offers scholarships for a few thousand children to make up Earth's first students at the Galactic Academy, the premier educational institution in known space. A school covering everything from kindergarten through advanced post-graduate studies. A great opportunity for Richard Logan, if only he can actually make it to school.

  • First Class Education, in which young Rick discovers he's fallen asleep and is now the last passenger left on the shuttle. Too bad his universal translator is acting up.

  • The Computer is Never Wrong, Rick has made it through customs now all he needs to do is make one last shuttle flight to the academy proper, how hard could that be?

  • Rescued From the Arrivals Desk - after the two previous pieces, Rick meets one of the Academy teachers. If only she were a teacher for his grade. (LJ Link)

  • Aliens & Weddings - Rick, now having been at the Academy for a while is invited to participate in a classmate's wedding. (LJ Link)

Nyalla the Catgirl
Nyalla is a Kellian catgirl mechanic in a magitech fantasy setting. Crystal powered airships and power armor are the kings of the battlefields. Only the latest war has recently come to an end reducing opportunities for mercenary outfits like the one Nyalla works for. Fortunately a soon to retire Elven navy officer is recruiting...

  • Trapped, a prequel scene involving the less than pleasant way Nyalla came to work for the mercenary unit she was recruited from.

  • Overheard Conversation, unplanned sequel to Trapped, Nyalla has been taken abort the mercenary ship and is now the subject of conversation.

  • Saying Goodbye, Nyalla receives a recruitment pitch. (On LJ as well)

  • Imaginary Color - Now traveling with the retired elven officer the crew rest in the shade while the captain investigates an ancient mosiac. (LJ Link)

Random Fic and Settings to slim for their own section, or which have not have continuing writing...

  • Going Down - At long last the final battle against the traitorous fanatics has come. Leaving one last problem to solve... (LJ Link)
    Drunken Myths: Bacchus didn't mean to cause trouble, he just wanted to throw one heck of a party. Too bad people's impressions of myths have had an affect...
  • Ravenswept's 30 Days list: Day 2 – Drunken Myths

  • Ravenswept's 30 Days list: Day 21 – Mythological Drinking Game

  • A Scene as a Cat, in which a dark wizard's Xanatos Gambit doesn't go quite as he expected.

  • Dragon and Princess

    • Traditions, Erik the Baron of Tellany wasn't aware of any traditions involving dragons kidnapping barons...

    • Falling, scaring the peasants by falling from the sky wasn't how Erik expected to die, but it certainly seemed all but certain...

  • Oops, why you shouldn't try to save money when using gender swap spells with your wife.

  • Underwater, a scene from a sci-fi-technothriller-spy novel.

  • Never Been Caught's closing scene. The ending of an otherwise unwritten science fiction romance novel, and apparently the first in a series of books.

  • I Hate You; I Just Want You to Know That, a prequel to my unfinished Terinu fanfic.

  • It's Not A Snuff Film, urban fantasy, locked post due to suggestive, and potentially triggery content.

  • Noir Style, described as fluff text for a non-existent Science Fiction RPG setting book. A few paragraphs about Van Domelen Station.
  • Threes, a one-shot with roommates talking in the aftermath of a natural disaster with a second due to arrive soon. (LJ Link)

    • Frigid - In the aftermath of a cross village raid Osita tries to survive. (LJ Link)

    • Ascension, follows on from Frigid as Osita helps carry supplies up a mountain.(LJ Link)

  • Sacrifice - Set in an original superhero setting. Charles knew his wife's job was risky but she always came home. Then her people arrived to Invade the Earth and too many heroes never came home... (LJ Link)

  • Surrender - With the goblin hoards nearly on their heels the last remaining human king meets with the elven king... (LJ Link)

  • River Watching - An AI faces a last decision after years of no human contact... (LJ Link)

  • Journey, Part One - The war was lost before the slave Oskar even knew it had begun. The old masters were gone with new ones to replace them and until this day Oskar had no reason to complain. (LJ Link)

  • Fez Kitties, Part One - Yancy the kitten comes to a sudden realization. (LJ Link)

  • Scars - in which a brother and his younger sister are forced to re-confront a fire that left him with scars years earlier. (LJ Link)

  • Untitled - After the housewarming party a young man comes across a family treasure, his grandmother's recipe box. (LJ Link)

  • Welcome Back - A lost colony sends out an exploration ship, at last they may have found other survivors... (LJ Link)

A few items are written in settings created by others. Usually I tend to write original characters in the setting rather than new stories with the canon characters.

    The Sweet Iced Tea stories, set in Aldersprig's Tir na Cali
  • Sweet Iced Tea, Owen has had an unfortunate life even for a slave. When he wakes up in pain and can't remember why he hurts he finds himself with the full attention of his owners (LJ Link)

  • Recovering - Set the day after Sweet Iced Tea. On the one hand Owen has discovered he won't be getting out of the hospital soon. On the other hand, he has found an answer for his Mistress's question. (LJ Link)

  • Iced Tea Scenelets - Brief scattered scenes of Owen's life prior to the Sweet Iced Tea story. (LJ Link)

    Barcley and Caera
  • A Story Set in Three Time Periods, Barcley a child slave and Caera the youngest daughter of his owners at three points in time. (LJ Link)

  • Oops, Barcley and Caera again. Written to the prompt: A Vanilla Story Dealing With a Kinky Subject. Locked post due to subject matter. (LJ Link)

  • Talking With Her Father, set in Aldersprig's Tir na Cali, Barcley is asked to take a walk with his master, Caera's father, after the man discover's his daughter is interested in the boy. (LJ Link)

    • The Unquiet Past
      On a distant corner of the Sharpears land holdings is the mountainside community of Five Springs Valley. A settlement with a history that goes back to the Sharpears' participation in the uprising against the Varn Dominion. Doris, the daughter of the current head of the Sharpears family travels to the town when she would rather not be reminded of its existence. (Uncomplete at this time – My first attempt at NaNoWriMo, but falling well short of the 50K word count goal) The setting is a non-canon corner of Vulpine Prime, homeworld of fox-like aliens in Peta Hewitt's webcomic Terinu.
    • The Unquiet Past, Part 1 - Doris heads to Five Springs Valley to serve as the family representative for The Remembrance, a once a decade event reflecting on the founding of the community. A community she would never have stepped foot in if not for the call of family duty.

    • The Unquiet Past, Part 2A - In which Doris has trouble sleeping and trouble following a speech script.


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