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So my muse came and told me it had another great idea...

Muse: Heyeeee! I just had another great idea!
Me: Is it going to lunch?
Muse: Who cares about lunch. You should do a Tarot serial!
Me: ?
Muse: Create a cast with some spreads, then use a single card or maybe three to influence scenes.
Me: I see.
Muse: That's all you have to say? This is an awesome idea!
Me: it would keep wordcount going.
Muse: I'm still going to bug you about the other idea too.
Me: of course you are...

Now partly I'm a little worried that my muse decided to enter sounding like a Ree from the Eva Fic, Nobody Dies. I'm not sure if I'm up to having a Ree in my life. But this does seem like it could be fun. Now the current serials I'm reading are fantasy or urban fantasy so I'm thinking something science fiction-y.

I don't have a paid account, so no fancy clickable polls for me, answer in comments instead. Strictly a reader advisory poll, reserve the right to go off in any direction, (blah, blah, boilerplate here) but which possibilities sound good to you? Multiple answers allowed. Further comments welcome.

  • A) Adventures of a Tramp Freighter

  • B) Official exploration ship

  • C) Independent exploration ship

  • D) How'd we get on this spaceship?

  • E) One of the above, but fantasy adventures in space

  • F) ________________ (fill in your own idea)
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Here's a snap poll (in the please leave a comment sort, not the check a ticky-box sort) for anyone seeing this:

I've decided to post a character a day for the next seven days (starting with today). A short character summary, and FATE Accelerated stats (because hey, the FATE system is nifty). I'm thinking it would be fun to have the characters be connected in some way so here's a chance to influence me. What type of setting would you like to see me make characters for? Pulp science fiction? Fantasy? Mission Impossible/Leverage type series? Something completely different?

Even if it's towards the end of the week when you read this, go ahead and comment. I might keep doing this.


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