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Title: Just Perrfect
Fandom/'verse: Magic School Doofuses, my current title for the stories of Jamsa and Nicolai at a school of magic.
Summary: Jamsa asks a favor of his roommate Nicolai
Note: Follows after Quick and Dirty and Piece of Cake. Title spelling is intentional
Warnings: Violation of consent/trust. Jamsa's a jerk (then again Nicolai as well) (I think they might well both be Slytherins if at Hogwarts)
Words: 1146


"Why not?"

"Why should I? Every time I have helped you this semester you've criticized me. Not one word of thanks. I don't know why you are even asking me."

"No one else would do it."

"I'm surprised anyone else let you talk to them long enough to say no, Jamsa. If we weren't roommates I'm not sure I would."

"Come on Nic, you know you love a challenge!"

"The only challenge is collecting the necessary components. I am not using anything not explicitly listed in the spell without a direct challenge, in writing, from one of the professors. As well as a signed form allowing me to experiment on you."

"Then you do know how to do it?"

"Of course I do. It's in the senior year textbooks. Two of them. I read both before I had my admittance letter."

"Great, what do we do first?"

Nicolai sighed and placed a bookmark on the page and line he was reading, trying to read, and closed the book. Taking another book down from his shelf he checked the index and flipped through towards the end before grabbing a sheet of scrap paper writing a list on both sides.

"We do nothing. You obtain these. You will pay for them. Once you have the proper supplies and write a letter stating that I have your advanced permission to perform this service for you and that I do so under protest, and if you ask nicely, I'll consider it."

"Well Mister Nicolai, I'm impressed. You are actually capable of seeking advice before reaching beyond your grasp."

"It really seemed sensible this time, professor."

"Young man, sensible is not a description you have inspired."
Nicolai really couldn't obect. Not where Professor Charwick could hear when was the one who had assigned most of the detentions he'd served this year.

"If you keep checking my proposal I have found an upperclassman willing to assist and advise me."

"And a signed agreement from Mister Jamsa. I suppose it wouldn't be the first time you've tested your skill on your roommate."

"It's actually his idea. Well, trying to do it, not finding an advisor and properly documenting it."

"Right. Very well, so long as you take proper precautions and fully document what you are doing I will accept this as an extra credit project. With points to be determined by the skill shown in both the theoretical and practical aspects."

"Thank you, Professor Charwick, I'll have everything fully documented." Especially what everyone has agreed to.

"Come on! Hurry up! I don't want to be late for the party. I'll have girls following me everywhere."

"Didn't you say you were taking Mandry to the party?"

"Pff, right! Like anyone would want to make out with her. I already told you I only said yes so she'd stop bothering me."

Nicolai shook his head then went back to tracing out the fourth circle on the floor before brushing in the runes with silver ink. Oh well, he had his chance to stop digging himself deeper. Reviewing his notes he paid careful attention to the final runes. Retrieving a tray of stoppered bottles from his desk he began setting out the required agents at the proper points of each circle.

"Remember Jay, when I tell you to do so, not now but when I tell you we both do a five count before powering our respective nodes. Your node has your name in basic runes, you should be able to find it easily. It's the one directly in front of your left foot. Are you ready?"

"Yes! I'm ready! Get on with it!"

Kneeling by his own node point Nicolai started the count, "Five, four, three..." As usually Jamsa was late, but Nicolai was used to that by now and delayed just long enough to still synchronize with him. Emerald flames rose up from the tracings of the circles while a red glow surrounded the runes. One, two, three heartbeats and then a bright flash of light filled their room. When the spots in his eyes faded away the only thing still glowing was Jamsa where he groaned and curled tightly.

Pulling over his chair Nicolai sat and described the painful sounding transformation in his project notebook. Well it was Jamsa who read about this particular spell and insisted upon using it. Nicholai might have let him know about the alternatives he'd discovered if Jay had been less of a jerk the past weeks and perhaps more importantly if the advisor he'd found hadn't been Mandry's roommate. A half hour later Nick stood and checked on the unconscious Jamsa. He supposed he could have set that portion of the spell to activate sooner. If Jay hadn't informed him of his intent to stand up Mandry the day before Aquiline agreed to help him.

"You really don't know when to stop digging, do you? Well perhaps this will help. If nothing else it will be entertaining."

Heading over to the door he opened it for Mandry and Aquiline, "One Halloween Ball companion, as requested."

Jamsa woke when Mandry threw a bundled up costume to the floor almost hitting him in the head, "What happ-- am I late? Why's my voice like-- Mandry?"

"No one would want to make out with me would they? Planning to leave without me were you? I. Don't. Think. So."

Remembering he'd entered the circles naked Jamsa grabbed the bundle to cover himself, "Wait, I don't know who said I-- Nicky! That wasn't what we agreed to!"

"Oh, did you just notice? But I'm afraid you're wrong about that. Paragraph one, sentence seven. You agreed to ask me for assistance with a transformation and to leave the details of said transformation to me. I didn't even bury it in small print. Miss Mandry was quite excited to hear you were going to transform for the party. But I fear she would feel tacky bringing a werewolf to the ball when Shandra already said she intended to do so."

Mandry gave him a cold smile, "Now catgirls I like. Catgirls are cute. Catgirls are fun. Catgirls get to wear charming bell collars. If you want that collar off you're going to be a very, very well behaved kitten tonight." Her smile only grew sharper when Jamsa reached for his neck and found the collar that had been locked in place before he woke.

Nicolai turned away from the argument that was about to start. It wasn't like Mandry would let it last long. Not when she had a cute little catgirl to show off at the Halloween Ball. Turning to Aquiline he smiled and bowed.

"I understand you truly enjoy the writing process. I have a table reserved in the library. After the opening ceremonies would you like to skip the rest of the party and help with my report?"
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