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Title: Consequences (followup to Just Perrfect)
Fandom/'verse: Magic School Doofuses, my current title for the stories of Jamsa and Nicolai at a school of magic.
Summary: Jamsa and Mandry head out to the Halloween Ball
Note: Follows after Quick and Dirty, Piece of Cake, and Just Purrfect.
Warnings: Use of a leash and shackles and a decided lack of mercy or sympathy from Jamsa's fellow classmates or the faculty for his being transformed into a catgirl.
Words: 2603

Mandry knew her cosplay was not perfect. The costume was simple enough. A black dress, a red ribbon tied into a large bow atop her head, and a simple straw broom. That with a little work and she was Kiki the witch from Kiki's Delivery Service.

"Haha, good joke, now let me go."

If only she had a proper Jiji to be her familiar. But Aquiline and Nicolai had been firm about that not being a good idea. So she had to settle for making Jamsa a cute little nekomimi.

"When I get out of this..."

A proper Jiji wouldn't be on a leash. Or have shackled wrists. If only she could trust her Jiji without them.

"You know kitty, if you'd behaved you wouldn't be going to the Ball on a leash."

"Fu– OW!"

"Bad kitty! Don't make me take your voice away."

She looked at the end of her broom and sighed. Yet more straw had come loose with the last swat.

"Promise you're going to behave."



"Fine, I'll behave."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"What? I said what you said to say."

"You need to say it like you mean it. And you forgot to say mistress."

"No way, forget it!"

Mandry turned a thin lipped smile on Jamsa and pointed to his face.

"Sed nihil transire–"

"Okay! Okay! I'll behave Mistress! I'll behave!"

Mandry shook her fingers to the side leaving a trail of sparks in the air. The corners of her smile turned ever so slightly upward as she dissolved the spell.

"Good kitty."

With a light flick of the leash she lead him onward to the doors of the Great Hall and Professor Isabella Crowne who was standing by them.

"Good eve Miss Lawson, Miss Lovejoy." Professor Crowne did not open the door. Indeed she moved in front to block it. "Miss Lovejoy, while your desire to attend this school is welcome you must request a visitor's pass before roaming the halls. As for you Miss Lawson, even if Miss Lovejoy had a pass to attend the Ball do you truly believe the leash is a tasteful prop?"

"I assure you the leash is necessary Professor. For this is Miss Lovejoy's brother, not Kecia."

Professor Crowne looked closer at the feline girl, frowning further when she noticed the leather cuffs binding her wrists together. Out came a small notebook which the professor flipped through until finding and reviewing a note.

"Please remain where you are miss."

Slipping a wand from her sleeve she made a few conductor like motions without chanting a spell out loud. With one final flick she brought the tip down right between the blonde furred ears. For two seconds nothing happened. Then a shimmering blue aura surrounded the girl before slowly fading away.

"It's a shame Jamsa, this is not what I put my wager on." She turned back to Mandry, "And just why is the leash necessary?"

"We are talking about Jamsa, Professor. If I don't keep a close watch on my kitty, kitty is likely to wanter into places it shouldn't be."

Professor Crowne considered the answer while giving the shorter feline Jamsa a none to trusting look. Quickly writing on another page of the notebook she tore it out to hand over to Mandry.

"If anyone else should object you may show them my note. Understand you are accepting responsibility for your pet's actions."

"Of course! I'm sure kitty will be very well behaved tonight. Won't you kitty?"

"Yeah, of course." Mandry tapped her broom handle on the floor until Jamsa said, "Yes Mistress, kitty will behave."

"Good kitty."

Shaking her head at the scene the professor stepped aside opening the door. When it opened a mere crack the music and overlapping conversations washed out into the hall with a roar. Mandry strolled in flicking the leash to encourage Jamsa to follow along.

"And just what are you supposed to be?"

Mandry's grin spread until her cheeks ached. Desiree was far from a friend but she absolutely despised Jamsa.

"A Japanese witch of course and the student who angered her into cursing him. Isn't that right Jamsa?"

"Mandry, that's not... oh you didn't." Desiree turned and waved her friends over, "You just have to see what Jamsa's come as!"

The pair were soon surrounded by Desiree and her friends who poked at the ears and tail much to the kitten's consternation. But he only hissed once when the result was being rapped on the head with the broom handle.

"Behave kitty."

"Um, Mandry?"

"Yes Christie?"

"It's funny, but you realize transfiguring a fellow student against their will can get you expelled, right?"

"Oh that's what makes it even funnier, he agreed. In writing. The professors even seem to have had a betting pool on just what he'd arrive as."

Desiree howled and gave Mandry a slap on the back that had her stumbling. "Ha! I thought you weren't anything more than a stick in the mud geek. I'll have to keep an eye on you girl, don't go all boring on me again!"

Meanwhile Danette tugged on both fuzzy ears getting a yowl from the grumpy cat.

"How long until it wears off? The classic midnight?"

"It doesn't."


Half the girls slowly turned their attention back to Jamsa when they realized the cat was just as surprised.

"Demetrius's Transformation is quite thorough. It's a real transformation, neither illusion nor temporary warping of the flesh. Jamsa's a cat girl right down to the bones. And you know what's even better? He insisted on using this spell himself. Why so surprised kitty? Didn't you bother to finish reading before going and begging for help to use it?"

Desiree slapped Mandry's back again, laughing even harder than before.

"You need any ideas for later..."

"Yeah. If I run out of ideas I'll ask."

It was much the same as they worked their way across the room to the snack tables. People would give them disapproving looks that melted away to laughter or simple schadenfreude when they realized just who Mandry's pet for the evening was. After the third stop Jamsa followed along meekly, head hanging and ears drooping.

"Poor kitty." She gave a scratch behind the drooping ears and smiled at the involuntary purring that came soon after. "Since you're behaving I won't ask for a bowl for your punch."

"Oh, thank you so very much." At a pointed cought from Mandry he revised that. "Thank you so very much, Mistress."

"Two glasses of punch please." She stuck a plate in Jamsa's free hand and started loading it down with a selection of cookies, brownies, and other baked goods. "Now come along. There's still plenty who have yet to see you."

"Can't we just sit somewhere?" He held up the plate almost spilling his drink in the process, "You've got all these treats. Would be a shame if they–"

"Drop them and you'll be meowing until the staff take pity on you. How long do you think that will be?"

"Come on, all I have to do it find the stuff again and poof."

"The stuff? Did you even bother to keep the list? Ha! Didn't think so. And just how many of those reagents did I provide to you. For free."

"Um. Maybe a quarter of them?"

"I bet you're just looking forward to the showers tomorrow. Let me clear something up for you. You're not setting one paw into the girls showers. You're not sneaking anywhere you aren't supposed to be."

"Then you gotta change me back! I can't go into the guy's bathrooms like this!"

"I'm not required to do anything. No, not quite right." She waved the note that Professor Crowne had given her, "I'm not required to do anything but keep an eye on you tonight to ensure you behave."


"Keep whinging. Just give me a reason to see how much the professors will let me get away with. Most of them are nearly as annoyed with you as I am. Or do you think I'd get away with bringing anyone else to the Ball bound and leashed?"

"Please. Please Mistress, can we sit for a while?"

Mandry answered by walking to the closest table with a pair of empty seats. She took the plate before pointing to the floor as they arrived, "Kitty may sit on the floor, your cup can use the chair."

He glared at her for a brief moment then did as she'd said. Sitting next to the chair and sulking with a pout. She looked over the plate before passing him an pumpkin shaped sugar cookie with orange icing.

"You know, if you hadn't made plans to ditch me I would have still requested a cat but you could have been a boy kitty. We could have borrowed a dress uniform that would have fit and you would have had the chance to impress everyone in a much different manner.

"Well, if you could have behaved long enough to impress them with some poise and polish."

"Hey! I can be impressive!"

"I suppose. I hear you were most impressive describing the taste of Nicolai's first attempt to make an ash cake."

"Ugh, don't remind me Mandry!"

"And you are certainly doing an impressive job remembering to call me Mistress."

"Come on, how long are you going to keep that up?"

"What are the chances you'd have kept your promise to be my date to the Ball if I hadn't taken the choice away from you? That's the same chance that I'll get tired of this game tonight."

She gently rapped him between the ears with the broom handle again. Watching patiently as he gave an exaggerated wince and whine. Then rapped again a little harder.

"Did your parents ever tell you, 'I can give you something to cry about.'? Because trust me, I have two younger siblings about your new height. If you somehow escape, I can catch you. Give me reason and I can make you cry for real. Half the room would clap as they watched. You really need to learn how to present a better attitude."

Jamsa tossed back the last of his punch, belched, and dropped the cup so he could rub his head. "Assho–"

A sharp tug on the leash sent him sprawling face first to the floor just in front of her feet.

"What did I ever see in you? I should have listened to Aquiline's warning about you. And Poulette's. And Alfreda's. Not to mention your roommate's."

"What? What did Nicolai say? Traitor."

"Only that considering your performance in class projects I should be prepared for you to wander off in the middle of our date, and prepared for your eyes to wander. A few other things I'd rather not repeat. I think you'd just ruined a care package he'd been sent from home."

"It was a cake. I'm supposed to just ignore a cake that's sitting in my room?"

"If it isn't on your desk? Yes."

"And that's why you'll miss out on all the best desserts."

Mandry picked a wrapped cocoa mousse truffle off the snack place and popped it in her mouth. She motioned at the plate before dropping the wrapper on his head then followed it up with a small yet tasty chocolate chip cookie. "Mmm! Yes, a shame I'm missing out on the best desserts unlike you."

She cut off his growl of complaint by sticking a foot on his back and pressing. "I suggest you apologize if you'd like to sit up again."

"Forget it, Mistress." Drawing out the title in a way that suggested he was sneering at the floor. Leaning back in the chair she rested both her feet upon his back.

"If you wish to remain in such a humiliating position, then as you wish." She looked over the plate and picked out a cherry dipped in dark chocolate and sea salt. "No more treats either until you apologize."

"Screw you."

"Mmm, no. That opportunity is further away than ever before."

"I didn't mean that literally!"

"No? I did. I don't think there's anyone here, any gender, who would have any interest in sleeping with you." She thumped his back with a heel and smiled down at him. "Are you certain you wish to fight?"

"Not really. How long to we have to stay? Um, Mistress?"

"Do you have somewhere you'd rather be?"

"Anywhere but here? Please?"

Mandry took her feet off him and placed a napkin with some of the treats on the chair she'd assigned him.

"There's your share. You will eat neatly and politely. I will consider what we'll do next while you do."

"Thank you." He sighed and changed it to, "Thank you, Mistress."

A quarter hour later they were strolling through the school's gardens, with only light from the moon and windows. Passing through an opening in a hedge wall they found hundreds of pale flowers that had opened for the night. Each one seeming to float inches from the ground on unseen stalks. Sitting on a stone bench Mandry gave the space next to her a pat.

"I don't have to sit on the ground anymore?"

"I'm not going to make you sit in the dirt. Not unless you do something else to annoy me."

He quickly took the offered seat and looked back out at the flowers.

"Knees together."


"Bring your knees together, you're offering anyone who looks a peek up your skirt."

"Who? The flowers? No one else is here." But he brought his knees together and tucked the skirt to his legs.

"For now. Anyone else could choose to come out here as well."

After they sat for a few minutes they spotted the first moth drifting from flower to flower. Then another and a few seconds later more arrived. When the first one flew away it bore a faint blue glow. Matched by the other moths as they too flew away.

"Huh. Bet Nicolai would know what those were."

"Selenia's Moths. The flowers are Selenia's Tears."

"How do you know that?"

"Second level Botony. I could list the uses for both, besides being lovely, but I'm certain you have nothing to take notes with."

Jamsa shrugged and leaned forward elbows on knees and went back to watching the garden. Every few minutes a few more of the moths drifted in and fluttered from flower to flower before departing with a faint blue aura. Eventually, as the moon lowered in the sky the flowers and moths both lost much of their glow.

"Here's the deal. At midnight we go back to your room and I'll take the leash and cuffs off. I won't do anything more to you so long as you don't do anything to me."

"What, that's it?"

"That's it. Once word got around that I'd asked you to be my date for the ball do you have any idea how many times I was warned not to trust you? That you would try to put something in my drink, that you were completely bereft of manners, or simply that you'd never keep your word. I defended you and trusted you right until I heard you speaking of your plans when you didn't know I was around.

"I suppose I could have called it off then, and if I hadn't spent a week defending you I might have done so and walked away. So yes, this is it and you're getting off easy. Just don't expect me to help you reverse the transformation. After midnight that's your problem."
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