Mar. 9th, 2015

lilfluff: A fennec fox boy pencil and paper in hand, showing off what he has written. Drawn by Tod Wills (aka Djinni on LJ) (Writing)
Supers School, Second exploratory writing
Fandom/'verse: A school for people with super powers
Summary: Exploring a potential setting by writing a bit to it. Enter Rae, and return of Margarete.
Prompter: See above
Triggers/Warnings: Some fighting, grumpiness about family
Note: Editing, what's that? Exploring a setting and characters. Fizzles out at the end
Words: 1650 words

The beginning of the prior school year

Rae's old school hadn't had anything like the common room of Ocotillo Hall. It was like a laid back version of the library study rooms. Or maybe if you brought the cafeteria's outdoor seating indoors. A few tables were pushed over to the walls allowing for a wobbly loop of chairs to circle much of the space. Finally a girl with the tips of her hair dyed red stepped out into the circle. Rae recognized her from moving in the evening before, Margaret had been running back and forth half the time with a younger girl towed behind her with a stunned expression.

"Gather around newbies! It's time to start Ocotillo Hall's annual hazing ritual!"

"Margarete!" A short black haired boy stared at her from across the room. "Ixnay."

"Just a little hazing? Fine. Since Derek is being a spoilsport we can just go straight to introductions before we raid the food tables. Who wants to start?"Continues under cut, click here to continue... )


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