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I've pretty much determined that this part is getting cut as I'll probably start the next piece a bit later in the events. But I like this bit so I'm going to share it here...

A short bit in which Tonya is dismayed to discover the empty mountain cabin is not as empty as she'd hoped.

"Get out! I'm warning you, I'm armed!"

The lights in the cabin were off and the windows drawn but as the ball lightning formed in my hands I could see the girl who'd shouted at me. Just a scared little whitebread schoolgirl. Fine, fine she wasn't much shorter than me but damn was I feeling like I'd almost kicked a puppy. She couldn't be any older than me and the way her hands were shaking as she fumbled for the itty bitty canister that practically fell out of her purse said she wasn't used to fights. Not real fights anyway. Nothing but a naive little girl. Really, that tiny thing was supposed to be scary?

Wait. Little yellow spray canister? Little yellow canister with red label and black rings? Crap.

"Whoa, damn, let's not do anything hasty. Let's just calm down."

"I am calm! Don't tell me to calm down!" Oh double damn, she's trying to undo the safety tab.

"Yeah, calm, look I'll get rid of these." Both of the balls sputtered out into a shower of sparks that drifted back into my hands and arms. "See. I can be calm too. Just please put that down cause I'd rather not burn today."

"What? What are you talking about. This is pepper spray."

At least she stopped playing with the tab. Puzzled is better than terrified. Puzzled is good. Goodish. Better anyway.

"You've read the warning labels, right?" No? Really? "The no open flames part?"


"How'd you get that anyway those were supposed to be a cops only brand. Less lethal weapon my never ever to be spandexed butt. That spray hits my lightning and–" Oh triple damn, that was the sound of the tab snapping off wasn't it.

"That's who you are! You're Kid Sparkler! This scares you? Good! Get the hell out of here!"


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