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Title: Retired
Fandom/'verse: Random science fiction setting, follows Coup Warning & Reasons
Summary: Lind's coup hasn't gone totally unnoticed by the outside world
Prompter: [personal profile] aldersprig's Thimbleful Thursday Prompt for 16 January 2015; Dark Horse
Triggers/Warnings: None that I see
Note: Trying something new, going to see if I can link all five of January's prompts
Words: 355 (of a target 270-330 words, so a tad over goal)

Gavreel woke up before the sun as every morning. He saw the flashing light on his communications console and rejected the call before fixing a breakfast of filtered water and reheated vegetable stew. The farm had its own needs and he didn't have time to waste on his old life.

After a morning breaking ground for a new patch of beans he came inside for more water and fried oat cakes. A few key presses got rid of the blinking light once more. After rinsing his mug and plate he ignored the persistant call light and went to his machine shop for an afternoon of maintenance and repair work.

The next time he tried to reject the incoming call his console screen blinked to life instead. He recognized the low resolution and choppy video of a hidden high security signal. He recognized Lieutenant, no, Major Frye as well.

"Congratulations on the promotion, whatever you're asking for take your pick of no or go to hell."

The console didn't respond when he tried to hang up.

"You're looking better, Lt. Orlov, farm life agrees with you. You've been recalled to active duty."

"Surely you remember the Other Than Honorable discharge, it was the Corp's decision to throw me out."

"Lieutenant, your discharge was a load of that which makes things grow and we both know that. Stop wasting time, there's an insurrection on and you're the only asset we have on the ground."

"Then send in the marines."

"Two months at the soonest, and that if there was a valid request for support. ElInt suggests a coup within the board, but under the Corporate Colony Charter terms that's not good enough. We need a valid petition for help or proof of a serious charter violation."

"I'm retired, and OTH's don't get to bring gear home."

"Lt. Orlov, Gavreel, I know you're without supplies. You're also the only eyes we have on the ground. I'm not asking for a miracle just get us some reliable intel then wait for the cavalry."

"And you always said *I* was the stubborn one. One report, then I go to ground."


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