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A follow-up to last Wednesday's piece titled Family Politics. Here we take up the next day from Izzy's perspective.

Content note: slavery, off-screen shooting


Izzy was scared. In spite of the others in the room he had scooted himself over to lean on his Master's legs. Even the quiet, "Good boy," whispered down to him wasn't enough to ease the twisting in his guts. It wasn't the handcuffs. Even as nice as both his owners were he'd had to spend time in those and the leg shackles before. That was just it. Everything happening to him had happened at least in part before. But it wasn't supposed to happen to Master too.

He wasn't sure how long they'd been in the room. He had barely been awake by the time they arrived at whatever estate the room was on. Master and the others in the room had been lead one way and all the older family were taken somewhere else. Master hadn't needed long to find a chair and a moment later he knelt at Master's feet and fallen asleep pressed to his legs. The morning light coming through the windows was what woke him. For a moment all had been well, then he saw the shackles on Master's legs and any hope it was all a dream was gone. It hadn't taken long to realize that other than himself all the rest in the room were family. This wasn't supposed to happen to family. An unruly servant certainly. Or a slave of course, he had learned quickly that even the lowest servant child was not to be crossed.

Voices could be heard outside. A few of the others started to go for the windows until the guards in the room pushed them back to the chairs with a blunt, "Sit down and shut up." Izzy's insides felt like they were twisting into knots again. Their uniforms were the family's own colors. They weren't supposed to talk to family like that. After a few minutes a few sharps cracks came that even he could tell were gunshots. All was quiet for a moment. Then shouting outside and some quiet crying inside. Izzy simply pressed tight to his Master's legs again and closed his eyes

"Chairman Burns, will speak to you now."

The guard who spoke opened the door they had been brought through the previous night and an older man walked in. The chairman walked in and waited a moment for everyone to pay attention. Izzy watched for that moment before dropping his gaze to the floor. He'd seen that man before. When he was just little, he was sure he had seen him before.

"First of all, I do not think those will be necessary anymore. Have they been tied up all night? Release them Michael." Izzy could hear soft clinks across the room as the locks on the restraints released. He kept his eyes looking at the floor while his Master stretched, keeping quiet even as his head was patted a moment later, not wanting to risk showing his disappointment at his own handcuffs and shackles staying firmly in place.

"This has not been any easy time for any of us," the chairman said after giving them a minute to settle down again. "I thought it best to tell you myself what will be happening."

Izzy stared at the floor, his eyes tracing the patterns of the rug as they lead to the shackles that had been on Master's feet. Looking intently at those for a bit. Anything but look like he was listening to a powerful man say things that clearly weren't meant for him. All he needed to know was that Master would be okay. As long as he behaved and Master was safe then everything would be okay. Holding still and listening closer as the man seemed to be getting to what he wanted to hear.

"For most of you this means you will go to aunts and uncles who stayed out of trouble while your parents make up for their actions. Later if you both stay out of trouble you will be allowed to choose who you wish to remain with. Jayce, Kassandra, as you already lost your parents before this unfortunately situation I believe we should look for something more permanent. Come with me and we will discuss what your options are."

Izzy stood, ignoring the sudden tingling that said he'd put his legs to sleep and followed behind his Master's feet. Only to fall to his knees again after a few steps, one of the guards shoving him down with a hand between his shoulders.

"Sit! No one said you could come with the Chairman."

"No, stop! He's mine!" Izzy heard the whine and crackle of a shock stick switching on, unable to stop a whine of his own as he dropped and curled low on the floor.

"Donald, that won't be necessary. The boy is only trying to follow his master. After everything that has happened I would rather we didn't punish properly shown loyalty."

Izzy stayed on the floor staring at the rug. He knew better than to speak up when others were arguing. Especially when some like that Donald were ready to start handing out punishments. The sound of that name finally shook the memory loose. Reginald, Master's father had called him Reginald.

"Michael, have one of your men take him to get cleaned up."

Izzy felt the knots finally untying in his belly. Master's father had liked Reginald and the man was willing to help him. Surely Master would be fine if the chairman would even stop to protect him.

Date: 2011-07-11 12:52 pm (UTC)
aldersprig: (Cali)
From: [personal profile] aldersprig
Still very much enjoying this, although I got a little bit lost at the end there.

Date: 2011-07-11 06:39 pm (UTC)
aldersprig: an egyptian sandcat looking out of a terra-cotta pipe (truth)
From: [personal profile] aldersprig
" The sound of that name finally shook the memory loose. Reginald, Master's father had called him Reginald.

That part.


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